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    99 Str, 1 Def Pure! Cb Level 73!Okay, so I recently remembered an old account I had. I'm love you at pk'ing and want to get rid of it by the end of tonight. I'm unsure how much it's worth, hell I don't even know if any of you will be interested but i'll take offers and decide on my own what sounds best. I will take: - Account swaps from trusted members - RSGP (Offer) - Paypal cash There is no A/W set as stated above i'm taking offers. ::stats:: ::Starter cash::looking for AGS pure!title says all looking for AGS pure 1 def [paying RSGP]Buying zerker with Chaotic maul [RSGP]Title states it all pretty much, i'll offer you depending on the stats/quests of the account, so hit me up with offers. Big bonus if the account has Korasi's.Selling Range Tank w) 99 STRENGTH!!!!!Hey guys I know I'm pretty new, I used techguide and rsmarket so I'm not too new to this. Anyways. I have a lvl 77 range tank with 99 strength 90 range 40 def 40 att 1 prayer etc.. I'm looking for rsgp to get a main, it gets boring pking for a year on one account lol. Anyways if your looking to buy, 20-40m or best offer will get the acc, recovs, etc etc.. email me: [email protected] str, 20 def, 60 att pureinitiate/turmoil potential pure for sale costs 28 usd selling on playerup to be safe: playerup/offer/...-def-56099592/Creativescape NO.1 Rs private server! Check it outCREATIVESCAPE.INFO CLICK HERE TO PLAY NOW! Webclient ( No download required! ) Welcome to CreativeScape advertisement page. CreativeScape is a very advanced and updated server, you will find alot of things that you will not find it alot of other servers. We have things such as PERFECT divine spirit shield effects ditto with Elysian spirit shield effect. We also have items such as Korasi’s sword that follow the exact formula that RuneScape use. Thanks to RuneScape wiki we have also managed to add something such as PERFECT Staff of light special. We also took the time to rewrite the combat formula as Project Insanity’s formula is half-assed. Also took the time to tweak the hybridding so basically hybridding is perfected now. In addition, we are also known in other toplists and also sponsored, so we have stable traffic daily keeping the server and our community active and fun! The ultimate goal of CreativeScape is to recapture the intense gameplay and creativity of RuneScape, and breathe new life into the world, showing this brilliant realm in a whole new light. CreativeScape focuses not only on perfect PvP combat, but also PvE. There are numerous defined PvP spots in the world, accessed by specific teleports, which are located in the spellbooks. Also, at this point there are 100s of monster spawns in CreativeScape, just yearning for a battle. Come prepared ~ we made sure to make 'em tough. Media Activity ( Forums are currently down we are rebuilding them! )[RSGP]Selling nearly maxed 20def pure|2x 99s|[RSGP]Hey guys selling my nearly maxed 20def pure great non combat skills, owns turmoil and zerker pures in the wildly. Great for being in a clan or hybriding in the wildly overall its a decent account. Also there is no recovery questions but there is a email i will remove the email upon the trade. I am mainly selling because i need to fund my turmoil pure, and i don't want to see this account go to waste and i don't want to sell it to a website.I have all the orignal information i am the only owner of the account! The defense is quested! Also! i will memb the account by cellphone for an extra 7m A/W: 60M B/O: Notable quests & Items: Slayer helm Mithril defender Full Zammy book Rune Gloves Zanik's Crossbow D Hally Str cape & Mage cape (t) RFD[up to rune gloves] Monkey Madness Regicide[crystal bow] Has All Pure quests needed done Has everything for a 20def pure Login: Stats: Quest Points:Lvl 73 pure 70 dungeoneeringHows it goin Im here trying to sell another account I have this is my level 73 pure. Ive gotten bored of higher lvl pure pking already but maybe someone else will have some fun. Account has alot of stuff; 70 dungeoneering with 45k tokens, Addy gloves, Ancient spells, A full guthix book (not full zaros.) Anyways Ide like to see what kinda offers I get here so heres the pictures: Stats Combat lvl Tokens + Untradeables (note the zaros book is NOT full) Quests Will remove email and recoverys after I have a serious buyer. Bid away?
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