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    [Paypal][2x99] 61CB DT/Addy gloves-Sold-Granite Maul Prodigy, Incredible Stats!Combat: Stats: Quests completed: Already has most of the requirements for Desert Treasure. No recovery questions and no registered email: Auto Win is 30m My is [email protected], add me. Post offers and s here.Selling my skiller accounts 25mil each.Selling these skiller accounts, 25mil each. Hey, if you wana try to get to 99 like me, go right ahead, I suggest you let me do all the botting LOL[Selling] 1def pure/skiller (61att, 81str, 95wc) CHEAP [RSGP]Selling this 1 def pure, has some pretty decent cb stats. PLUS 95 woodcutting. Has some member credit remaining too. A/W is 20m. PM if interested! thanks PICS[Trusted] Selling level 90 89 str 2m in bank84 Str, not 89, my mistake. I have vouches from old admins, OMM, global mods and sectional mods. I have no interest in runescape anymore.. it has membership on it but I'll cancel it.. I don't even know if it has recovery questions.. I'll check.. if it does I'll take them off.. $100 OBO{rsgp}beast 1def Pure{rsgp}starting bid 17m autowin 27m--this is including the 7m on it so jea i am currently selling this pure as you can see in all my other threads is that im getting rid of old accounts that i dont use anymore so as for this pure i have worked really hard on it and is worth the price in every posible way please do not post if you going to bid lower leave a comment below, pm me or add me on [email protected] good luck to the buyer!maxed zerker. 1700+ total. :O swaps>okay im selling my zerker. with its full details. i will not go first ever. inless u have 100+ vouches. im willing to do 50/50 with rsgp> but i will not do 50/50 with swaps you go first or pay the omm. mm fees and it has to be one we both choose. account can come with its 40m wealth or without it.. its combat level is 100.7 in f2p members 106. has over 100m spent on the inside of player owned house.[rsgp] Lvl 64 // 1def pure // 90 range // 82 mage // DT done [LOOK HERE]delete, no offers
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