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    75 Attack 94 Strength 45 Defence Pure!Selling level 92 Runescape account, only accepting RSGP. Email me at "[email protected]" I have not found out how to post pictures, please email me asking for one and i will send it. The stats are.... Attack - 75 Strength - 94 Defence - 45 Ranged - 75 Prayer - 44 Magic - 63 Runecrafting - 1 Construction - 1 Dungeoneering - 1 Hitpoints - 85 Agility - 35 Herblore - 10 Thieving - 32 Crafting - 20 Fletching - 35 Slayer - 58 Hunter - 1 Mining - 17 Smithing - 10 Fishing - 68 Cooking - 45 Firemaking - 55 Woodcutting - 87 Farming - 2 Summoning - 40 Has 65 quest points + Monkey Madness Completed. Starting bid : 10m. Instant win bid : 30m.selling lvl 63 pure! most seeselling great account. desert treasure done!!!! 6128007 gp on it. 94 mage. 88 range 66 hp 11 prayer 33 attack and 31 str because ofquests. all other stats low but the stats required for dt. any quest please send pm. or add on msm. [email protected] idk how to put pictures on here. i only except paypal.Very Nice Zeker Pure (QUESTED)STATS: BANK: QUESTS: Very nice quested Zerker Pure With a torso and rune defender !! Has vengeance and all the quests a berserk pure needs. Looking for RSGP for my pure .Swapping This Account!Swapping this: sythe/showthread.php?t=1129032 post your account here if you would like to swap. : [email protected][pp] Selling cb 70 hybrid pure including 94 mage and 80 str etc dt done [pp]Selling cb 70 hybrid pure with some nice stats I will go first with trusted players since im new Im only accepting paypal since im buying Wow gold Let the pictures do the talking ^^ Combat Uploaded with Stats ^^^ Uploaded with Bank worth Uploaded with The account has member ship till 16 July I will go firts with very trusted players And otherwise we will use an Omm on ure costs [pp] :[email protected] Will be onl for the next 8h?Selling MAXED OUT 60 attack Pure [RSGP]There is no email/recoveries. Contact me on if interested - BobGreen94 Lowest starting Bid - 70m GP A/W - 150m gp It has DT done, MM done, Addy gloves, and Lost city.RSGP Selling starter ZerkHey, im currently selling my old started runepure acc as i made a new one and i like it better so im getting rid of this account. I understand that my post count is low but ive been lurking around here a while and buying some stuff. So here is the acc im selling, its 75 cb f2p and 81 p2p In order to buy it please add my [email protected] only add me with serious offers, I understand my post count is low but i am NOT getting scammed so either you go first OR we can use a MM at your cost ofcourse. A/W is 10mil rsgp, only accepting gp as my paypal isnt verified. This account also has a full zammy book, along with 87 qp from D slayer, Fremmy Trials, Recruitment drive,dt, mm, lost city and rfd up to steel gloves. The bank is empty except some holiday items and some untradeables and around 100k wealthSelling level 60 Gravite pure! 74 dung [rich]Not sure exactly how much this is worth. Was kind of my screw around account till my main got hacked. Need extra cash for my main to rebuild. Contact Me - [email protected] Contact Me - [email protected] Contact Me - [email protected] Starting bid - 5m Rsgp. Contact Me - [email protected] Contact Me - [email protected] Contact Me - [email protected]
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