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    Buying Accounts ( 1 2)looking for a pretty good account that has no recoverys and not registerd to a email. please post pics or links to your thread below or pm them to me[RSGP/PP]80 Atk|99 Str|99 Mage|92 Range|3 Chaotics[RSGP/PP]Sup, i'm selling my nearly maxed 60 defence account for either rsgp or paypal, the account has a chaotic rapier, chaotic maul, chaotic staff. My is ; [email protected] I will only go first if you are VERY trusted, if you want to use an omm that is fine, you pay the fee. A/W=50M or $40 paypal PicsSelling Level 70 Pure With 86 Strength and 1 Defence |99 Hunting|I am ONLY accepting RSGP A/W : 40mAncient magicks 17 def, but that was due to me being hacked. You can get it to 25 for infinity, plus the 17 def only combatted it three times. Just bid on here. Starting bid, is around 7m.1 def - 99mining, 95mage, 80str, MM+DT Done, Firecape, Addy gloves ( 1 2)Auto / Win => 25$ My - [email protected] Account will be sold to the highest bidder. Trading methods: 1. We use OMM/VMM if you pay fees 2. You go first 3. I will go first only if you have 50+ vouches/feeds ( nowdays its nothing ) Notable things: 1. 99 mining 2. 95 magic 3. Fire cape 4. Monkey madness completed 5. Desert treausure completed 6. Addy gloves I got scammed and thats why i have recoverys.1 DEF 99 STR FULLY QUESTED a/w 30m ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)hey everyone its joe, i am selling one of my pures and it is awesome. there is recorvery questions but they will be givein to you when the account is purshed same with all the info in .txt document. old passwords recorverys everything. pm me for [RSGP][PP]1414 total|105 qp|cb74[CHEAP][FOR SALE][MEMB TIL 23RD]My pure I'm selling has a total level of 1414, all stats except for herb and summoning are already enough to get all the turm/veng/barrow glove quests done! Also, my pictures are FULL PICTURES, meaning they show account name so you can confirm that my ban/mute pillars are not stolen pictures, my stats are actual stats, my quests actual quests, etc. The account is "Doctor Dime" (in-game name) and if you guys are too lazy to look it up it has 94 mage 77 hp 90 str 60 att 52 prayer 1412 total level I believe, 105 quest points, unholy book filled, and 0 bans/mutes. I would like a decent offer like 35-45 USA which I would gladly take into consideration. Good stats - 90 str, 94 mage, 52 pray, 90 fm, 1414 total level, 69 construction (g altar in PoH) Good Items - Filled zammy book, memb until 18th, mage capes and 6-10 more sets of ghostly I believe Good quests - RFD up to addy gloves, dt, mm, lost city, 105 qp total METHODS OF TRADING -- 1. Use an omm and we each pay 50/50 2. I go first if you are very trusted sorry for small pic guys, had a lot of trouble dealing with my bugged "Paint" application Please auto = $40 (75m) i would really love that thanks pm me or [email protected] if interested Terms and Conditions: 1. I am only accepting things through runescape, paypal, or through an omm. 2. This account was created by me last year, and it was 0 percent botted (however i ordered 94 mage powerleveling from a USA based website) 3. If an omm is used we will split 50/50 for the omm 4. By reading up this this point you have agreed to everything before and after this 5. If banned for real-world trading I will refund 80 percent, any other offense was not created by me. 6. After you buy it you are responsible for everything that happens to the account unless it's real world trading and please delete my friends and stuff and leave my clanCheap Zerker, Member for 1 Month- good stats! ( 1 2)Sold.
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