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    *60Attack| 80Str |45Dung|* 66 Combat/starter pure*Hi guys, this account is 100% legit (4years+) except for the botted dungeoneering skill. A/w: 20M - RSGP Only Going first to trusted persons. Stats: 60 Attack, 80 strength, 3 defence. 66Combat 1. Recovery test can be done provided you pay fees for an official MM. 2. Information ( first recovery questions, internet provider, creation date) will be provided upon purchase. 3. Selling this account due to the failed '3' defence that was leveld up during dungeoneering. *Will PM/Email the persons with offers that meet my likings!* Quote: Originally Posted by kmjt Vouch. Bought 45m from me.. thanks again. Quote: Originally Posted by king tijn 2 Vouch for aurawelkill, sold him 300M thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by KerokeroCola Vouch for aura. He went first in buying my pure for $75 via Paypal. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the account! Quote: Originally Posted by The Five of Jokers Big vouch for aurawelkill. Sold him 50m, he went first. Trade went smoothly . Quote: Originally Posted by RS Trade RS Big vouch for "aurawelkill" borrowed my maxed staker. Would lend to him again. Great customer! Quote: Originally Posted by king tijn 2 Another Vouch for aurawelkill, sold him another 70M and a firecape. Went great! Vouch link: sythe/showthread.php?t=1082460 sythe/showthread.php?t=1215388 W set right now could change eventually. I am new so we will use OMM discuss later who pays. PM me for any questions! RSGP or PP. Stats: Quest: Recovs: Level:Buying Staking Boxer!hey sythe, looking for a good boxer stats im kinda looking for (90 70 90) im interested in not as good and/or better accounts then my example just post here the account you are interested in selling for rsgp or swaps and then add my - [email protected] ZERKER! 3 90+ STATS! ( 1 2)Ok well today I am selling my zerker. Sadly it is just a starter zerker for i have not finished it. I do not want any trades. I will gladly accept RSGP or paypal. Please offer a fair amount.Bank has a pin set and is being deleted. (if someone buys before I will give them the pin). Please post offers on the thread and dont PM me. Just put your and i will get to you. Membership is now out, obv. lol just letting you know, hunter is also at lv 78. A/W: 39m C/B: 30m - Seahawks Stats: Login:Semi-quested zerker with 91 mageHey everyone, I'm selling a semi quested zerker with 91 mage, and the ability to get barrows gloves at 50 def. Im looking for about 15m for it, but would be willing to go lower. It is an email loggin, but as you can see the email is no longer registered, neither does it have any recovery questions.selling a pure level 68account gone please close thread .60 attack 87 strength rune pure, CHEAP (RSGP)I'm selling my rune pure for 15m, or any better offer, and am only accepting rsgp. Recoveries will be changed when a serious buyer is found. I will go first only to trusted and semi trusted, otherwise we can use a at your expense. It only has d slayer and lost city done, which is why im selling it for such a cheap amount.| 50 Atk | 99 Str | 1 Def |Hello, I am selling an incredible staker/pker. I have made roughly 450M-600M staking with VLS. It's almost impossible to lose. A/W: - RSGP = 150M - CASH = $85 Add me on; [email protected] Uploaded with
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