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    Selling my lvl 68 gmaul/ddser ( 1 2)Hello, this is my first time using sythe, i made this account about a month ago. I kinda messed him up by not doing soulwars but hes still a good pker. I'm selling him because i'm making a new account and i need some in game gold or cash irl. i have paypal. i do not have any type of messenger so you will have to comment and then we can exchange info or items over xbox. i do not play this account and do not care about him so don't think ill take him back.i will not go first because i have lost like 3 accounts in the past trading with friends over xbox. i will use a . i have recoveries, email, and all of the info. he still has like idk how many days membership but a charge just came through like a few days ago so he still has membership. he has no money. i will trade him for 15-20m or 20$. if two people want to buy him you will have to bid it out. i removed some of the low leveled skills from the picture to prevent a ban or lock. i will take offers! p.s. i am also doing this to get some vouches because i want to get started in selling stuff here. i am the original owner and creator of this account. i will give you the email that it is registered to. If i over priced or something let me know.[PAYPAL/RSGP/FIFA] 99 Mining and WCHey guys selling this skiller, Pics say all, i am the first and only owner of this account, yes it has been botted on, has not been used for a few months Gold4Rs has already offered 20$, so i'm looking for around in that price range, i will also take Rsgp valued at 0./45M OR fifa 12 ultimate team coins. I will not be going first unless your are trusted or we will use OMM at your expense. Bank is mostly junk.[rsgp] Selling Maxed Korasi Purei recently was able to recover my main account after a previous ban, and have no need for this pure anymore. The account is 10 defence, and fully quested (addy gloves, DT, MM, animal magnetism, the void stares back, etc.) The account also has fire cape, chaotic set, korasi sword, 98 strength, 99 range, 99 mage, and 99 dungeoneering. Level 90+9 combat *PLEASE CONTACT ME ONLY THROUGH * [email protected] Items: Stats: Login page: *PLEASE CONTACT ME ONLY THROUGH * [email protected]|RSGP|75/80/45/85/52/94 Ags Zerker|99 Hunter|99 Firemaking|99 Fletching|Vouched|Welcome to the sale of my Ags Zerker Pure. : [email protected] Why should you buy this account? 99 hunter, fletching, firemaking! 17m hunter XP with Top 8k rank! All account details included! Major quests completed! Ags owns? -NUFF said 52 prayer, smite. Original owner! Good pker! Terms of sale No swaps No “tirekicking” Post before adding me on . I WILL use a OMM or MM if wanted/needed. All details will be provided with the account. Offers in RSGP ONLY. Starting Bid: 10m Current Bid: 80M bid by sandybacon Auto Win: 100M Vouches These are some vouches from previous account sales! Feel free to PM any of them on legitimacy of my trades! Quote: Originally Posted by cullmaan most patient seller ever thank you very much!!! bought the best ever account for 60mill thank you !! Quote: Originally Posted by jrocc43 I vouch for staking fool he sold me a level 78 pure with a rare name for 60m rsgp, and every piece of info i need,a great guy patient and easy to talk to. i went first Quote: Originally Posted by somedude7 Vouch for StakingFool. He went first trading me three accounts. Patient guy, would do business with him again. Quote: Originally Posted by IWillNotScamU Vouch for stakingfool. Bought account #1 out of his 4 Sorc garden accounts. Quick and easy. AAA seller Quote: Originally Posted by zie vouch! went first and he gave all info, really nice guy Login Stats : [email protected] Amazing Level 94 Rs accHello there i am selling my rs account Cmb = 94 Woodcutting = 99 firemaking = 75 strength = 82 Fletching = 73 If you want to buy this account, please reply and i will be willing to sell it to you. If you want to get in touch with me, my email is below EMAIL = [email protected] or EMAIL = [email protected] Any offers please reply or email me thanks, Jason Take a look at my stats here; [[PP/SWAP/RSGP] Selling Zerker 45 Defence Quested [AW $15/30m]A/W = $10 / 20 mil Swaps = 1 defence pures We will use an mm/omm who will perform a recovery test. It has a regular login and it HAS RECOVS AND A PIN. which will be provided and changed upon purchase. Has: No black marks Rune Gloves Dt done MM done Fremmy Trials done comes with 1m comes with 15 days of membership left I AM the original owner Money: Stats:Level 79 Near Maxed Pure! 2 Chaotics! 3 Filled Books! Arcane Streamcheck new threadWanted!! Good G-Mauler! Decent strHi, im wanting to swap my level 111 barrows pure has 99 strength done all important quests like recipe for disaster, monkey madness desert treasure lunar quests etc! has piety Here are some of the images of the account! - add my if you want to know more info! [email protected] NO SCAMMERS PLEASE!
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