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    Selling Lv83 99wc 87hunt 86magicI want to trade for PP or for WoW 2 Month game time. Account has til November 13th til membership is run out. Here are pics. ImageShack Album - 4 images I DO NOT WANT TO GET SCAMMED SO IF BUYING WITH PAYPAL YOU WILL PUT "I WILL NOT DISPUTE THIS ITEM BECAUSE I HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED IT AND IT IS A VIRTUAL ITEM." i will not go first if you are not trusted!Selling level 83 chaotic pure 95 str chaotic maul Originally owned by an OMMHey guys Erler here i am selling my pure. It was originally owned by burnley the OMM i bought from a friend like 1 month ago. Burnley said he doesnt know whos email was set but is probably one of his. A/W is 80m ! Pictures:Level 94 cheap tankerSelling a level 94 f2p, Has 3m+ members items Att - 70+ Str - 70+ Def - 70+ Range - 89 Mage -78 Cooking - 83 All others - varies 115qp 1580 total Account has no recoveries. Looking to sell today for around 10-20m. Pm me[38+Vouches][Trusted] Selling 400k Token, 1 Deff Pure[RSGP] ( 1 2 3)SOLD Hi there i am currently selling this account! Buying from me is buying from a trusted user and staff vouched user, i can assure you the safety of this account as i am the original owner and will provide all original informations of the account it has been created with a fake email. No recoveries or bank pin have been set. I said 85+ because i will be getting more and more levels everyday Autowin - SOLD FOR 75M Leading Offer - 75M Log in screen Stats Payment in RSGP ONLY, thank you for viewing this thread! May the bidding begins. The a/w is only there to set a buy out if i see an other offer that i consider high enough i might aswell acceptSelling (almost) Maxed Turm Pure - Chaotics - Curses - OverloadsHey im new to community, looking to sell my lvl 105+11 Turmoil pure so i can start a new 1 def pure account. I know that its over the 60-99 cmb category but i figured i'd have better luck selling here It has recovs but no email. I WILL cancel the recovs when i find a legit buyer. This account has every needed pure quest done, DT,Turm,Rune Gloves, Body Body, Slayer helm. It also has FireCape along with 18 99's ! It also has Arcane Stream Necklace, Chaotic Cbow, Chaotic Maul, Chaotic Staff. Accepting RSGP only, Will use a if you're willing to split fee's with me. Looking for atleast 250m. +Will be willing to talk about price Reach me on these forums or add me on - Kenny.Price21SElling a main.... 99 fishing. 3 weeks memSee the account for yourself Bid in the lead= 20m gold4rs. Autowin=30m Btw.. doesnt come with teh money on the acc... sorry pm me and add my [email protected] i will unregister email and will get rid of the recovs when i find a real buyer also, about 3 weeks of membership left. i have no need for this because i pk. if you have a good pker you're willing to swap ill take it.96str pure a/w 40m smite+70att79CB STR PURE STILL HAS MEMS UNTIL NOV16TH!!!!!! FAILED 2DEF BUT IT DIDNT AFFECT THE CB LVL @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ A/W 40M @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Current bid-10m Vouch thread! got one from kerokero forum mod! =D plus sold one account already. sythe/showthread.php?t=101669072+8 Pure | 60/92/1| Chaotics | OVL | 1.7B Bank | INSANE skills (2k+ Total, 8x99)Hi, this amazing pure has been my pride and joy for quite some time now, however, I've slowly lost interest in the game, and I've recently started university, so I think this is the right time for me to try and sell the account. If you are interested and want to make an offer, please state whether or not your offer is with or without the bank included. I would happily sell the account without it's bank and just get rid of that separately. Here are a few pictures of the account, if this doesn't tell you what you want to find out about the account, feel free to add me on or shoot me a PM. Stats & Wealth: (I've blanked quite a few of the stats out because I am pretty paranoid, lol. If you'd like to know the blanked out stats, PM me) Untradeable Items: All imbued (i) rings Chaotic crossbow Chaotic staff Arcane stream necklace Tome of frost Nature staff Mercenary's gloves Zammy book (filled) Addy gloves Rogue top/gloves If you want to make an offer, or have any inquiries, either post, PM me, or add [email protected] on to chat. Thanks for reading, Max a.k.a Gotbillz
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