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    Quitting ZerkGot recommended this site a while ago, I have been recently creating a zerker. Im 17 years old, just got employed for full time job and im getting bored of the game now also my membership ends tomorrow. Im not asking for no money or rsgp because i wont be playing no more. I have given all my friends on the game my belongings on the game so it wont be worth anything but its skills. It is currently; 60 att 77 str 45 def 43 pray 79 Range 82 Magic It has done Monkey Madness, Dragon Slayer, Fremmy Trials. Leave a comment if your interested, i wont be giving to anyone who is just going to be selling it on.need account for 20$ [PP]+ 8m [RSGP]post your skills add a link for pics. post your email if intrested i will send you a invitatoin mm will be used you get one[rsgp] 94 AMAZING ZERKER! [rsgp]I am currently selling this amazing zerker for RSGP. I am leaving you with some pvp gear and dragon claws. RFD quested up to addy, Desert treasure done, 95 strength now, and monkey madness done I will not go first but will meet in game. No recovs or email set Bidding starts at 20M and the A/W is 90m{paypal}cb 97 99mining [HAS PICS] for saleItems + cash value at approx 30m Email- Yes, but unfortunately, i don't know which one or the password to it. We will use a mm or omm if you aren't comfortable going first (which would make sense because i've got like 6 posts....) 227qp [Has G altar and big nice dungeon house] Finished: Mourning's End 2 Legacy of Seergaze Recipe for Disaster Desert Treasure --many many more Inbox or me for further details at g.y.gslvl 88 with bunny ears and members!selling lvl 88 RS account. currently still has members. will take (pp) or (rsgp). does not have recovs set or email. - thanks lila add me on : [email protected][RSGP] Looking for a good account ( 1 2)**Delete this thread**Selling Great Lvl 63 PurePURE IS LVL 63 WITH 80 STRENGTH AND 60 ATACK HAS ONLY EVER HAD 1 PASSWORD SET AND HAS NO RECOVERYS OR EMAIL PIC IS 2 DAYS OLD SO HAS 79 BUT NOW ITS 80 IT ALSO HAS 1.7M ON THE ACCOUNT BIDS START AT 8M AUTO WIN IS 12M WILL NOT BE GOING FIRST UNLESS TRUSTED OR OMM U PAYSelling D claw Pure 93 str 85 range 83 hp!I am making an obby maul pure, and I would like to trade this account for rsgp or paypal.This account is a fantastic staking account because of the 1 prayer.The stats are 1 def 83 hp 93 str 85 range (ALMOST 86). Feel free to add my : [email protected] if you have any offers. A/W= $30, 35m
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