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    [RSGP] 70 Combat. 99 Range / 99 Mage / 70 Combat [RSGP]I need RSGP. No pretty thread for this one guys, sorry. We WILL be using an Official or 50/50. Don't bother posting if you're going to give me a shitty offer.Level 78 Failed pure[Addygloves]DT done] 72QP] Paypal and RSGPHey. I got many accounts like this what i don't use and they are useful to somebody. I sell this acc for very cheap. because it's ******* ruined My rules: - I go first to trusted. -I don't go first. -We can use OMM/VMM or good free In trade you receive accounts login information And all recover details. And the addy gloves The starting bid: Leading offer: Fake offers wil be marked spam. PicturesSelling Ownage Zerker! [RSGP]Remove!!!lvl 60 HP range staker60 combat can come with around 20m .. Just a price check atm let me know offers thoughI'll take any account.i just got my main and pure hacked off me, and i don't have a runescape account at all i will accept any account no matter what level it is, if your feeling generous thanksSelling Near MAXED pure w/ OVERLOADS [RSGP] ONLY ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Thread got 2 big, Made a new 1 so theres less confusionNEED SOLD QUICKLY!! 64 cb 99 mining 79 str 30 def £10 GNP A/Wi need to sell this account for 10 great brittish pounds so i can get a charger for ma phone got no wealth onit just has rune pickaxe n that someone b kind paypal gift. this account has no recoverys but does have email. will let u request change and acsept it once i have the money Uploaded with[rsgp]amazing 87 strength g maul rusher[dt done,11 pray]I know i am new here to Sythe, and i only came here to sell this account. I was told to come here to sell my account so here i am. I want to sell this account for RSGP to get money for my korasi's sword prod. I am NOT the original owner of the account, but we can use a OMM or whatever because i am new. I do not want to pay fees though. I honestly dont want to go first because i am scared someone will ruin the account and then i wont beable to sell it for anything at all. DT is done on the account and the attack has been fully quested. Sorry i have not done Horror from the Deep or RFD, but it will not take long for you to do it Here it is: RSGP ONLY, NO SWAPS S/B: 15m A/W: 25m post with your , mine is: [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.