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    [rsgp] Ownage Pure 99 Str 99 Range 99 Mage 75 Attack 1 Defence. [rsgp]I AM SELLING THIS ACCOUNT FOR 60M RSGP My Stats Are COMBAT 85 Att-75 Str-99 Def-2 (fail) Range-99 Magic-99 Hp-87 Prayer-52 *account Has 24 Members Days Left* THERE ARE NO RECOVERY QUESTIONS OR EMAIL SET. Quests Done, Its Done Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness, Recipe For Disaster. And The One That Gives You The Holy Book. ADDRESS IS IN MY SIG[RSGP] Awesome pure [DT DONE 78 RANGE]It has recoveries, and I will tell you them. I don't know the e-mail because I just put a random password for the e-mail so I could get the extra bank space, so nobody has access to the e-mail. You will go first, or a trusted mm, or an omm and you pay fees. ( Some omm's accept rsgp and payment for their fees) I'm looking for rsgp only. Starting bid - 3m A/W - 40M ( I know thats high, willing to sell for cheaper.) Thanks, Nick.99 range 99 mage for [email protected] swapping for rsgp, or membership post ur offersSelling Level 70 PURE!!!Selling this level 70 pure that i have not used for like 3 years, it has random holiday items since its like 6 years old and about 300k worth of items. The account is also done quests such as DT, MM, Mith gloves. Open to offers.Selling level 66 pure with 90 magic / 76 range ! [[RSGP]]Hey guys, i'm selling my level 66 pure the reason im selling this account is because im bored of it. Quests done ; Desert treasure Death platue Animal magnatism Stats : The account is F2P. No recoveries and the email will be removed as soon as i find a buyer. : [email protected] Offer away![rsgp][paypal] B-Murphs Account Pure/Main/Boxers Shop [rsgp][paypal]Hi, I have many accounts I don't play on anymore so I decided to sell them all and make an obby mauler. Please add my [email protected] to make offers. ( May have more accounts on later ) Account 1: Account 2: Account 3: Account 4: Feel free to add my [email protected] if you have an offer.13 pray pure cb 62 [rsgp]hello im selling my 13 pray pure cb 62 it has mith gloves open this link for pictures mypicx/03062011/pure/ plz add my [email protected] to offer starting with 15M[RSGP/GiftCards] MAXED RuneScape Pure | 85CB | 1 DefenceYou will receive ALL information on the account. I WILL go first if you are trustworthy. (Vouches & Join Date) Will accept giftcards or RSGP for the account. If interested please post your below
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