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    RSGP l 70 Combat l 97 Mage l 99 Agility l 80+ RangeDecided to let this one go, amazing pure with a fun skill cape, looking for RSGP to start up on another pure. Will be using OMM you pay, unless you go first, will delete recoveries as soon as I get a serious buyer. -Original Owner -Will provide all information -All quest reqs done for DT -MM, Horror, Mountain Daughter, all complete Looking at offers no A/W set yet, this will be up for sale until I find a reasonable offer. - [email protected] Bid Away!selling cb 92stats are: 78 str 75 att 78 hp 70 range 64 magic 86 wcing and other gr8 stats minimum offer ( 30m )[Swaps/Rsgp] Level 69 Rigour Pure - 90 Dungeoneering [Swaps/Rsgp]Sold :]Superb Pure [[ Level 84]] 99 range + 99 magePaypal ONLY. PM me to chat on . I have an ideal price in mind, but I'd like to see your offers first! You can either post in thread, or talk to me on . Thank you.[swapping][selling] account lvl 65 good stats take a look belowSelling This lvl 65 account i dont play anymore open to all offers has about 2mil i think in bank u can see with some pictures no membership left Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote Multi-Quote This Message Quick reply to this message Lewis-myler View Public Profile Send a private message to Lewis-myler Send email to Lewis-myler Find all posts by Lewis-myler Add Lewis-myler to Your Buddy List ReplyBuying a decent pure!!!I offer this account with no cash on it for a good/decent p2p pure! The account is still member till 2 aprill. I prefere 75+ranged 1-60att(50 would be perfect) 1-5def 75+str low prayer please.Looking for a good pure!Heey i am looking for a good pure, i will spend like 50M no Paypal ThankyouSelling Lvl 93 accountSelling a lvl 93 account dont play anymore opens to all offers you can use they guy but u need to pay fees wont go first as to many people scam the name off acount is cute devil 9 Overall 863,145 1,285 17,616,244 Attack 526,776 80 1,999,170 Defence 710,207 74 1,107,100 Strength 648,007 82 2,500,803 Constitution 656,330 80 2,165,810 Ranged 731,535 73 1,061,020 Prayer 780,336 53 137,729 Magic 621,561 75 1,274,083 Cooking 964,667 68 618,673 Woodcutting 573,633 81 2,357,750 Fletching 331,913 83 2,748,106 Fishing 813,970 70 746,527 Firemaking 1,487,228 54 166,490 Crafting 1,787,537 46 74,946 Smithing Not Ranked Mining Not Ranked Herblore 1,123,335 30 14,605 Agility 618,231 54 157,988 Thieving 762,346 53 143,808 Slayer 922,362 43 55,159 Farming Not Ranked Runecrafting 1,010,605 39 35,690 Hunter Not Ranked Construction i want £100 and also another account Skills Rank Level XP Overall Not Ranked Attack Not Ranked Defence Not Ranked Strength Not Ranked Constitution Not Ranked Ranged Not Ranked Prayer Not Ranked Magic Not Ranked Cooking Not Ranked Woodcutting Not Ranked Fletching Not Ranked Fishing Not Ranked Firemaking 1,353,279 56 191,705 Crafting Not Ranked Smithing 799,630 56 188,812 Mining 1,781,715 58 236,535 Herblore Not Ranked Agility 1,972,511 32 17,936 Thieving Not Ranked Slayer Not Ranked Farming Not Ranked Runecrafting 1,267,179 35 23,285 Hunter Not Ranked Construction Not Ranked Summoning Not Ranked Dungeoneering Not Ranked Activities Game Rank Score Duel Tournament Not Ranked Bounty Hunters Not Ranked Bounty Hunter Rogues Not Ranked Fist of Guthix 394,510 871 Mobilising Armies Not Ranked B.A Attackers if you want to know other stats email me on [email protected] also trading rsgp for accounts
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