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    rsgp 50 def account 97 str great stakerits 50 def 97 str 84 attack 87 hp looking around 30m with quests and so on cbf to post pictures will show account on teamviewer post your here. thanks[swap] Buy A 99wc, Fm, Or Somthing Else 99 [swap]HI i'm readdy to but a acc whit 99wc, fm, fletch, cooking, .... just PM me u can swap the acc for one of these (mayby both) ; sythe/showthread.php?t=1047613 PM ME FASTseling puremm,dt,rfd. i know im a newcomer but i dont want this account and wonting to sell.Looking for a Zerker/ Turmoil Zerk.Alright, im looking for a zerker with quested 45 defence, decent stats, and if it has turmoil, i will increase the price. 5-25m RSGP i will rate the account on how much i think it is worth. If it has chaotics i will pay even more. thankyou.Selling Some Wicked Chars!!!!hey guys just selling a few of my chars bid away. stats recovs stats recovs stats recovs stats recovs will go first if you are trusted, if not trusted or official mm, or you firstTip For Sellers ! ( 1 2)While selling your account, PLEASE make sure to block out some of your non-combat stats as Jagex DOES have access to Sythe and they have the right to ban your account for RWT'ing. And while showing pics, Please block out your RS username and when posting a picture of the login screen, block out the IP. I can't count how many times i've posted on peoples threads to do these for their own personal safety . Be careful ![RSGP] 82 combat initiate pure |Rune Gloves| |99 Strength|Hi. I'm looking to sell my initiate pure. He's 82 combat. 60m gets an autowin.Bandos pure combat 85.65 def 71 attack 71 str. 52 prayer 68 hp 41 range 55 mage 66 wcing 85 fishing. starting bid 5m nothing wrong with it can screenie if needed.
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