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    Combat 15 / 99 Prayer Pure [RSGP]Selling my account combat 15 with 99 prayer, got some other stats but not really high like : 75 construction, 85 woodcutting and 75 firemaking. i don't know how to add pictures to this so i can send you the pictures if you add me on messenger. also i can come online on the account. this account has never before been traded and i've trained this all by myself with the cash from my main (285m). i want to sell this account now for 220m because i'm bored of skilling and i just recently bought a berserker pure. add me on : : ygruiters Messenger : [email protected] p.s. i'll never give the password before trading. Price to make a level 15 99 prayer pure now : 320m 999k 144gp without wasting 1 bones on gilded altar.1 def pure! 2 99's! Fire cape! Barrage! ( 1 2)Hey guys, title really says all, I'm done playing on my 1 def, figuring my 134 pking is more fun. It has all major quests done, Dt, MM, Animal Mag, Filled zammy book, etc. Here is a pic of the stats! edit_pre...&action=rotate OVERLOADS [RSGP] ONLYSelling combat lvl 74df fgf retf Close thisSelling Near MAXED pure w/ OVERLOADS [RSGP] ONLYOk guys so iv decided to sell my Near maxed pure with overloads. Starting price: 80m Gp (STARTING) AUTO WIN: 300M OBO. i will NOT go first, as pures can easily be ruined for the "fun" of it. HOWEVER, I will accept half of the rsgp before, then the other half after you have FULL access of the account. The account is 0% botted, I did the whole thing manually. It has ALL pure quests done, (DT, MM, Addy gloves.) The bank is around 30m and Ill keep that on the account. It also has around 15m just in overload potions (3) and 900 Special restore pots. Heres the stats: __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Quote: Originally Posted by Colbyy Sold Minime69 50m rsgp and I went first, Trade went really smooth. Great guy! Quote: Originally Posted by Pker_girl54 I Bought a lvl 120 main off Minime and the trade went really well! Quote: Originally Posted by Achillies15 i sold minime 45m worth of [RSGP] i was uneasy about going first but i did anyway and the trade went perfect, no scams at all. big vouche for Minime69 Thanks guys, I have my own Ventrilo so we can use that for communication or just messaging over this! Thanks!Selling a Range Pure { PayPal }Selling this lvl 73 range pure for $9 . I will not be accepting swaps, pins or rsgp, I will not be going first at any time, Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 if you are interested contact me at [email protected] here are the pics enjoy. Uploaded with
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