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    [RSGP/PAYPAL] Selling EPIC AGS PURE 75att 98str 84 THEIVING! level 84!! PERFECT PURE!Title say all this accoutn rapes in wild .. unfortuantly it hasnt done the main pure quests such as dessert tressure etc .. it is a perfect ags pure that will gaurentee to make you bank .. anyways here are pics i am accepting RSPG OR PAYPAL .. i will NEVER go first unless you have a love you load of vouches account has NO recoverys hasnt loged in for over a month! Uploaded with OFFER NOW THIS ACCOUNT IS INSANE FUNGreat starting 70def acc swap/rsgp70attk 76str 70def 40pray 72hp 69wc 87combat any questions talk to me on Ryan.preston61, thanks. going for 2m and is still member .[RSGP] Selling lvl 98 (RANGE TANK/B Gloves/91 HUNT!)Edit: sorry for posting the thread in the wrong section, I've made a new topic which can be found here: sythe/showthread.php?p=8274214#post8274214Buying Decent Pure For A Lvl 106!Available For Negotiation. - Dillonrslol Or Just Pm Me If You Have An Account Please Thread And Ill Take Alook I Will Go First! It Has No Bank Though, But Its Decent! Thanks![PAYPAL] Selling Amazing 99 Str|93 Mge|1 Def| Mith gloves!!! 45M+![PAYPAL/RSGP]]sold.[RSGP] Selling Level 70 1Def pure/44 PrayerUpdate: The email is gone, and recoveries are as well now. I honestly only use my main now because I have firecape because of Prod1gy and I just got 99 str. And I don't like training on my pure anymore. It has monkey madness done and desert treasure done. And it has mithril gloves. It has recoveries on it and a email. I will get rid of those if I find a buyer with 10+ vouches because honestly. I don't wanna lose the account for nothing. AW is 50m, but minimum is 25m. Again, I have recoveries on it right now and a email set. But if you have vouches we will trade same time. If you do not have vouches, You must go first, I don't care if your Jesus, I'm not losing a account. As of now, I'm deleting the email and recoveries. So you can buy it now if you like, or you can buy it when the recovs are gone and email. PM me for my please. Thanks. Also, post on here stating that you are interested in buying the account, so if I do get scammed by someone with vouches, you will be banned . I don't know if the images worked because I'm kind of dumb at the moment so hereSelling My 60-96-1 Pure (addy gloves) High mageLookin to sell My pure, It started as a staker (1 pray) then decided to get pray, I regret this choice and I am looking to make a new staker. 1m Bank on acc with no mems. Will go 50/50 or you first, Im fine with OMM. Starting offer 20m A/W 60m [email protected][Paypal] Selling level 89 Boxer!! [Paypal]Selling my level 89 boxer prod. Has 20M cash, lost city and fremmy trials done. Got dragon defender. has 8 days of membership left. All info is known. Only selling to trusted buyer. A/W $50 Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
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