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    ULTIMATE ZEKER PURE, 45Def, FULL VOID MUST SEE!!Hi i am selling my zeker pure Stats are 71 attack 88 strength 45 defense 81 range 41 pray 82 hp 87 hunter ( can make around 1.2mil per hour at puro puro with this level) --------------- I will meet you in the game where you can ask me questions if interested post your acc names here and i will add you.selling lvl 91 with 94 fishingTake paypal and RSGP (not sure how to put pics on here but happy to send over )selling almost maxed pureselling almost maxed 10 def pure with handcannon and rune gloves due to rollback looking to get a level 60-65 with around 25m on it for this account. even though its only 10 thiev desert treasure is done,its 10 due to rollback handcannon quest is done. please post any offers.Beast level 66 SOL staker! Never fails!Scammed, had to recover.[RSGP][PayPal] Beasty 99Range|94Mage|FireCape|DTSold to Reedollaz, thread can be locked.104+5 zerker pure, 99 strength,torsohello here today im selling my zerker pure. It has recoverys set at the moment but will remove that when found a serious buyer you will receive all details to recover it of your own back. please post if you require more pics etc. My - [email protected] Payment by RSGP or Paypal. Chuck me any offers all will be considerd.Selling 20 defence pure - Rapier - 99 StrSelling this pure, it has the main pure quests done, it is about 15k tokens away from rapier. (Out of the 200k you need, 15k away is very close.) It has got 94 mage for barrage + Range so you can hybrid. It isn't 80 attack yet for rapier but it's only a few 100k xp away from level 80. Please post your offers along with your , thank you. I'll go first to mods, 50/50 to very trusted people. Eg. 100+ vouches. MADE A NEW THREAD SINCE THE OTHER ONE HAD TOO MANY NON-LEGIT OFFERS.[RSGP]Lv 68 Starter Zerk|Trip 70s|50 Attack|Def/Pray Quested|134 QP|Rune GlovesSold.
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