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    [RSGP] Selling beast zerker!Yo guys, Selling this zerker for 35m RSGP, Taking no accounts or paypal or what ever, just RSGP. Stats, and yeah thats a Staff of light on the floor, so comes with 2.5m Dragon gloves, lunars and 170qp, So close to barrows. No recoverys etc. Quote: Originally Posted by Louis :) Vouch for Ahrim-Ownz, sold me an account, he went first, a+++++++++ seller Market mod, Official MM, Runescape Mod, Donator vouch. More in profile.[RSGP] Looking for Low level | High Dung 80+Looking for a level 3, or any low level account with 80+ dung, post your accounts and ill get back to you To discuss you can add my Looking for a rune miner look inside for offer- 9 HP [These are rare] 9 HP's are worth more then a 85 mining account so you get a good deal, [i do not have so just post/pm me, thanks].Selling lvl 96 main { PayPal}Im selling this lvl 96 main for $24 it has 99 firemaking and a sara sord. Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 I will not be going first at any time and i do not want swaps or pins. If your interested conact me at [email protected] Contact me at [email protected][PAYPAL/RSGP]Selling Great Zerker!![/PAYPAL]HI, I am looking to sell this account. It has the main quests done such as DT, MM etc. It also has handcannon which absolutely rips, and with the high firemaking level doesn't break very often. With void, this account was practically unstoppable. There are also 3 sets of brawlers in the bank... Anyway, here are some pictures: I will also throw in 2 stakers with the account if you like, the first is a range pure which was very very good, just hard to find people to fight at its low combat: And the other is a boxer which is also pretty beast but could do with some training: Bid away![Ex-Mod][RSGP] Selling Beastly Initiate PureSelling my initiate for RSGP as I'm not interested in playing on him any longer. I've never botted the account and he's a great staker/pker. If you want to buy a nice pure but are afraid that the owner will recover it, then this is the account for you. I can assure you I am finished for good with this account and I am the original owner. Comes with: A few skillcapes (T) Firecape Slayer helm (e) 5 mithril defenders Full zammy book Ardougne cape 1 Varrock armor 1 Corrupt statius hammer (deg.) Corrupt zuriel staff (deg.) Mind body from elemental workshop quest Chaos gauntlets from family crest quest ALL initiate quests completed And quite a bit of assorted crap in the bank Account is 89 combat and very well known among the PKing community. OMM will be used or you go first. Taking offers now. Thanks for looking.[RSGP][pp] AMAZING PKer [RSGP]pp]have this amazing pker here. no recovs or email are set. we can use a MM or you go first. no a/w just bid and leave your and i will add you.|3Vouches| IroniusP's Account ShopAccount Number 1: Pure Attack: 12 Strength: 12 Def: 1 Ranged: 70 Combat: 49 PRICE: 15M Account Number 2: Pure Attack: 75 Strength: 79 Def: 1 Ranged: 70 Combat: 71 Hunter: 99 PRICE: 20M Account Number 3: Pure Attack: 61 Strength: 76 Def: 1 Ranged: 70 Combat: 63 PRICE: 15M Account Number 4: Main Attack: 70 Strength: 75 Def: 70 Ranged: 63 Mage: 63 Combat: 89 Armor: Full Dragon PRICE: 30M CONTACT ME or PM ME [email protected]
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