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    Selling Maxed 60 Attack Turmoil Zerker(Veng, Barrow Gloves, Quest Completed)This acc is beast pker, everything u would need to pk with including 99 range, 94 mage, and one of the few 60 attack zerkers. If you would want rapier, it already has 64 dung so 80 would be easy as u can do lvl 30 larges. We will OMM if you are not willing to go first. You must pay fee. PAYPAL(Bank Funded Only). Must have good trading history. Also accepts mail. S/B is 75 dallors a/w tbd Anything less will be counted as spam Pictures. 2 letter Name Legends is done, barrow gloves is done, and so is turmoil quest. Basically all the quests you need. No cash in bank, sold it all. Willing to do recovery check. [email protected] Post here before addingPP Buying pretty much anything that can PKOk so first off im looking for something with/that can; -pass recov test with use of OMM @ my expense -must have good wealth -offer anything im open to anything really[SWAP][5+ Vouches] Main For Zerker [5+ Vouches][SWAP]Looking For A Zerker With 45 Defence, B Gloves, 1-10m Bank Offering : My Lvl 130 CLEANED Main Rec/Email Are ON But Will Take Off / Provide All Info, After I Find A Good Swaper, I Am Mildly Trusted (7 Vouches ATM) So I Will Not Scam Because My Account Buisness Would Be Ruined Questions: [email protected] range 92 str 94 mage 45 defence barrows gloves [RSGP Only] ( 1 2)Selling this account because I'm gunna make a skiller because in wildy you get pjed every 2 ******* seconds, and I doubt it'll get fixed Quote: Originally Posted by plznate Vouch for Gun123, we worked out a trade for pins for an acc. Nice guy. Vouch from a market mod/1k donator/OMM. The rest are in my profile If you're going to leave an offer please leave your or it'll be ignored...Buying Stakers For Other Accountssythe/showthread.php?t=1051949 sythe/showthread.php?t=1052747 Post below.LF korasi pure [Paypal]Sup sythe! ~Looking to buy a Korasi pure would value 10 def over 45 at this moment. ~Don't care about prayer, just post your offers along with your ~At this moment I'm more or less looking at possible offers Post awayBuying range staker (any def) for swaps.Swapping a level 104:sythe/showthread.php?t=1051949 ^FOR A HIGH LEVEL STAKER^(PREFERABLY RANGE) or swapping this level 56 with 64 dung:sythe/showthread.php?t=1052747 ^FOR A LOWER LEVEL STAKER^ (PREFERABLY A MID LEVEL RANGE TANK OR A RANGE PURE^ POST OFFERS BELOW![PP][RSGP]63+5 pure - 180m - FIRE CAPE - DT/MM - 75 range/mage/strWHAT I ACCEPT: PP RSGP OMM or You First or 50/50 maybe(No Exceptions)[/color] Has 3 days of p2p left No recovs, no email - [email protected]
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