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    buying acc with full agileLooking for an account with 99 agility or full agile. Stats don't matter but def cannot be over 1 unless it is quested and cannot be over 35 which means it must have barrows gloves (agile pure ). Anything else is a bonus. For example, if the account has 80 dungeoneering I would pay a lot more for the account. Thanks for looking! Leave offers here I will tell you my .Selling PURE 60atk 1def 94mage[Paypal] DT DONESelling my Pure Stats: 68CMB 60Attack 1DEF 94MAGE 66STR 75RANGE Desert Treasure DONE Pictures Paypal ONLY WILL go first to trusted Message me [email protected] lvl 97 Zerker pure 2 99's almost 3[RSGP]Hello i have an Zerker Pure for sale and im the orignal owner i pretty much got hacked by key logger. I will not go first. You will. I got scammed to much. Selling for 50m+ A/W 100M+ I might take paypal, matter on offer. :[email protected] Give me yours mssg me. Here are the screen shots: Vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=1061546>_>_>_>_>_>_>_> Looking for pure read for stats i want 40mTitle says all, selling my range tank members runs out may 3rd, if u really need me too ill psot a login screen, selling for 40$ paypal/40m rsgp, I wont go first unless ur mod+. if you dont agree to that, dont post, i am firm on that. 40$ autowin.Amazing Gmauler [92S, 95R, 94M] [RSGP]Here to sell my great Gmauler that I'm tired of pking on. Has barrage and is ready to pk. Account has a great original name The pictures should explain everything but feel free to ask questions. Email will be removed when I have a buyer. imgur/a/1S9Ft#DXug2 Stats: Combat (71 in pvp, 76 out) -50 Attack -92 Strength -2 Defence -95 Range -94 Magic -44 Prayer Rules -More than willing to use an OMM (You must pay fees) -Also willing to use a trusted MM. -I will not go first. -Private message me or post here with your then I will add you. Price: 100m A/W Current Bid: 20mSelling LVL 70 Pure[RSGP]Hi, its kind of hard to part with this account, but i feel like i need a fresh start being that i hate prayer so much. Has no Recoveries, email. and has 15 days membership left from a pin. also has a pretty sweet name in my opinion. broke as hell kinda. but enough to get you going i guess. you can always add gp if need be. Uploaded with stats... Uploaded with no email or recov's (idk why it says CHANGED, when i log in on site it says there is none and gives me the option to set them...idk) Uploaded with account is in the green zone, if you really care to see it i can prove but only upon request. MM is done and the majority of other Pure quests are done. if you want to know an exact list we'll talk but I CBA to type every one of them out right now. Only accepting RSGP no accounts or paypal please you go first, possibly OMM But im trustable. i have no A/w set just start biddin. thanks.[rsgp] Selling 6 Wiked Pkers!hey guys just selling a few of my chars bid away. 1stats sold!!! 2stats recovs 3stats done monkey and preist in peral recovs 4stats recovs 5stats A/W 15M full zam guth and sara book recovs 6stats A/W 10M monkey done, full zam book recovs will go first if you are trusted, if not trusted or official mm, or you first
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