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    [2 pins]OWNAGE main for sale REALY CHEAP[swapsHello and welcome to my FIRST account sale on this forum As some of you maybe know Rsbot doesnt work annymore so now I moved to this forum My name on Rsbot : YellowGreen Vouches on Rsbot : 27 The account has 17 member days left so you basicly only pay 1.5 pins !!! here are the stats and the wealth of the account add me on : [email protected][Paypal/RsGp/Swaps]Nice level 81. GOOD STATS[swaps/RsGp/PayPal]Hello Powerbot, I am trying to sell this account for the following: PayPal, RsGp/Items, Or swaps. I will not go first unless I want to if that is unacceptable by you then you can pay for MM! PIC- post if you wanna see any other pics My is [email protected], But please post first. Happy bidding :"D!!Selling LVL 61 SKILLER/HYBRID!! ~ Double Spaced Name ~Okay so after two years of not touching this account, or Runescape in general, I've finally came back to PKing. Since PK'ing isn't really the same to me anymore, I've decided to make a skiller/staker.. because that's where the real $$$ is at haha but anyways. This account DOES have recoveries [will remove once I find out how too], NO bank pin, Email REGISTERED, and HAS membership left. I will cancel recoveries, email etc.. If I have a serious enough offer from someone I CAN trust. To wrap things up, I will ONLY use an official middle man. & at your cost .. I will never go first. Notes on the account: The account is originally mine. The 84 mage was alched from level one. Did all required quests for Desert Treasure. GREAT Money Maker. 61 CMB. Has a double spaced part in name. [ex. S Y T H E] Stats Lobby Note: Recoveries & Email will be removed when I start to get serious offers from serious people otherwise I'll just keep the account. Bank Note: 10M Bank Value/ If you would like to buy without the items let me know. Quests[PAYPAL][RSGP] Selling BEAST 20 DEF PURE *54M*ADDY GLOVES/FIRECAPE/85MAGE/DT/YOU MAY BUY THE ACCOUNT WITH OR WITHOUT THE WEALTH A/W: 100USD or 120m for the account with the Wealth A/W: 40-60 usd or 50-70m without the wealth INFO: Has About 54m on it! No recoveries/Email 3 letter name and a good name DT DONE ADDY GLOVES FIRECAPE Membership Can get to 90 range and 90 mage without gaining a level Combat is 71 Trading INFO: POST HERE BEFORE MESSAGING ME Do not spam my thread saying not going first because im New. Dont tell me to add your or pm you. You must add me. Spam will be reported We will use an MM or you may go first! All previous details will be given to you. No SWAPS. PICTURES:[BUYING] 1-20 Def Pure. DT Done Preff. [RSGP]The title says it all. I know I'm new and have no vouches so I don't expect you to go first... I would like Pictures of the standard info that you would regularly show in selling the charcter. Please MSG my inbox or post. : Offline. Cheers - Seanzy.[RSGP] 98 cb 99 ranged 94 magic 92 hp 82 def range tankHello, I am selling my ranged tank here for 30m+ it is now 82 def I have all the previous details and if you want a MM you provide one. Here are the pictures: Stats: Log In: And the black marks: Please contact me at [email protected] on for further details or if you are wishing to AW the acc. Thank you and happy bidding still for saleBuying Rune Pure Veng+Barrows gloves (RSGP)Title says it all My budget is 15-25m but i can do any reasonable price if it meets the title's description Thank-you Start showing me your Accounts[PP] Selling Pure - 76 Range, 70 Mage, 99 Woodcut, 35M WEALTH - DT DONE!Hey everyone, so I'm looking to get some cash for this account due to me cancelling my subscription to Runescape, and quitting the game to carry on playing World of Warcraft, and returning to Competitive Xbox. 25 days of Membership left. WEALTH WILL COME WITH ACCOUNT. NOT INTERESTED IN SELLING WIPED. : [email protected] Thanks for Reading, and happy bidding. Please post here if you have added me on !
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