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    Level 69 | Zerker The start of it | Has Members!Hey guys im selling this Zerker i dont Want it no more , I will not go Frist unless u have 10+ voces The Account is Still Members So yeh... heres Some pics Bank REcovers and Members ship stuff And the Stats of the Account I WILL NOT GO FRIST Post your offers![EXTREMLYCHEAP]Level 91 zerker[$12]Hey guys i am in need of cash fast so i am selling my zerker I will only be accepting Paypal and rsgp All i ask is $12 or 15m rsgp for the account because it is all i need to achive my goal amount of money and the acc is perm mute even though there is a chance you can appeal it. due to the fact that i am trying to sell this tonight i will give my hacking . rs account away with the account and i will also be giving away my autostunner pro auth that was baught by me and will be removed from my client when the account is purchased MSelling Runescape account ~Paypal and RSGP onlyI'm selling this Runescape account, It has something near 100k in items. It has membership left as you can see on the picture below. Also when you bought this account you'll get every single piece of information of the account. Pictures: Paypal and RSGP Only! I WILL NOT GO FIRST IF YOU DON'T GO FIRST WE GET A MM YOU PAY FEES! : [email protected] a Range Pure { PayPal }Selling this lvl 73 range pure for $9 .I will not be accepting swaps, pins or rsgp, I will not be going first at any time, Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 if you are interested contact me at [email protected] here are the pics enjoy. Uploaded with ImageShack.usStart on Whip pure!Hello .. Im selling out a account today.. Its 89 combat level, and have done both lost city and monkey madness, also i have the 2 first passwords and recoverys [​IMG]LVL 70 PURE FOR SALE rsgp only60 att 85 str 1 def 45 prayer 70 hp 77 fish 92 hunter 99 fletch 89 mage 72 rangeAwesome DDS Barrage Pure! 10 PRAYER! 1 DEFENSE! ( 1 2)Combat level: 62 This account was Rolled back so it has lower stats than necessary for Desert Treasure but still has it completed. Lower prayer, as such makes this account an Incredible staker and also an Amazing pker. With a fully filled unholy book this account is basically fully quested. This account does not have any of RFD done as regen bracelet is only 150k at the moment and triumphs basically all gloves. 10 prayer with DT done is not possible by regular means in RuneScape so this account is basically the only one of its kind. Quote: Originally Posted by mhfan12 Verified in-game that the account has done DT and MM even without the required stats. This account also has a full Unholy Book. No recovery questions and no registered email. Quests Completed: Horror from the deep, Monkey Madness, and Desert Treasure. No bans or Mutes! A/w is 40m, Happy Bidding. Please post your offers and s.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.