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    [RSGP] Level 62 With 94 Mage, 82 Range, 60 Attack, 73 Strength [DT Done]Title pretty much says it, i've decided to quit my pure that has taken me a few months to make, and im focusing on my staker right now so i need some more RSGP. I can gladly show you my staker if you want.. Only using this because Powerbot is acting wierd and getting DDoSed. Combat : 62 I know the HP Is low, but really, i tank it out. Just use 4 phoenix necks in multi has about 8 Twins =P EDIT TO THE PC, I FORGOT TO ADD A CANNON, SOME CANNON BALLS AND 200K RANGE GUILD TICKETS - 13M W/ CVLS, 8M W/O! RSGP Values only please.. My Is : [email protected] (no space) bump.Selling low-combat zerker w/ veng!!!!Havent done RFD, it has low att and pray so you can choose to stay or lvl. Cb 86 No cash in it. MM will be used A/w: 20mSelling Character lvl 98 [Paypal] (28 days member / Recovery questions unset)Make me an offer, trying to get this sold today. = [email protected][RSGP][PP]63+5 Pure/Fire Cape/75 Range/Mage-DT/MMWHAT I ACCEPT: PP RSGP OMM or You First or 50/50 maybe(No Exceptions)[/color] Has 3 days of p2p left No recovs, no email - [email protected] 64 zerkeri will post pictures if you are interested... new zerker with like 200k+ items mostly members.. it has 45 att 60 str 45 def 72 range and some quests done i have pked on this account before only need str and att up with slight range to make it good... not looking for alot i take paypal or runescape money.. post offers pleaseSelling lvl 96 main { PayPal}Im selling this lvl 96 main for $24 it has 99 firemaking and a sara sord. Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 I will not be going first at any time and i do not want swaps or pins. If your interested conact me at [email protected] Contact me at [email protected][PAYPAL][SWAP]Buying Ancient Pure 85+ mage[SWAP][PAYPAL]Hi there, im looking for a ancient pure with Desert Treasure done. I can pay through paypal or give you some account offers. 1-20 prayer 85+ mage 1 def!! Desert Treasure have do be done! MY IS: [email protected] POST OFFERS BELOW BEFORE ADDING MY ![READ] Selling Level 73 Skiller! (kinda cheap)First off, i would like to start with, I AM SELLING FOR A PRAYER PURE AND/OR SKILLER, or 10m+ RSGP! Would LOVE: Prayer Pure that is also a skiller eh? XD For more information/questions e-mail: [email protected] ~PICTURES~ ~Bank~ Misc Pictures that i can't be asked to sort.. rofl. [​IMG]
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