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    Wiked Stakers & Pkers!!!hey guys just selling a few of my chars bid away. [RSGP OR PAYPAL] 1stats sold!!! 2stats recovs 3stats done monkey and preist in peral recovs 4stats recovs 5stats A/W 15M full zam guth and sara book recovs 6stats A/W 10M monkey done, full zam book recovs will go first if you are trusted, if not trusted or official mm, or you firstSpending 25M on a pure.Hey, i'm here buying a pure for 25M rsgp. Here are some of my requirements. *Needs #Doesn't need but wanted *50-70 Attack *80+ Strength *80+ Range *80+ Mage *1-20 Defence (I'm really looking for an iniate pure.) #RFD gloves #DT done #A money making skill Thanks, my is [email protected] and honestly if your here to scam, don't bother a MM will be used and a full recovery test will be done. Cheers.looking for any account!post ur accs ill tell u if im interested my is [email protected] level 87w/99str&40def. for RSGPhello, i am selling my old pure, dont really have time on him anymore to busy with skilling, he is a great staker, or pker. my : [email protected] but id prefer to get messaged back on here, but whatever works for you.[New Thread][Paypal]WTS LvL 60 Firecape and more[PP Gift][40-60bucks]Hello, i'm selling one of IIproII'ss Accounts What you see is what you get. I have all the information for the account, I am the original Owner, Email, passwords, etc. Overall this account has maybe 1mill, nothing is left. My rules of selling: I will do any tests with an OMM if you require it. For the safety of this account I will not go first, but however I will use an OMM at your cost. (if you require it) or you will go first Have no problems verifying ownership of this account with anyone in Game. Here are the pictures enjoy and happy bidding. Please do not I repeat do not PM me offers I will not reply I want all Offers shown on this thread for the safety of myself and you the buyer By posting on this thread you are obligated to buy, this therefor I will keep your offer in my hand and I have all the right to turn someone else's offer down without explanation. I don't really play anymore as you can see I have WoW up. My game of choice now Looking for actual offers Paypal Gift only. The woodcutting is 85 if you cant see it. all stats ready to do quests to, desert treasure, good d clawer also[70 def] Range tank [selling, paypal] [CHEAP]Hey sythe- looking to sell my range tank, I've decided to quit rs. It's not so much of a quester [I did some quests, when my main was stolen I was going to make it into my main, but decided to use my 115 '06 staker instead], but it can really pack a punch in pvp due to it's LOW HITPOINTS[Though not so low that a shark brew won't save you from a claw rush]. Most of the training was soul wars, 88-93 range was done on monsters and in pvp. The mage was stunned, it was originally a 10 hp mage pure. Why would you want to buy a RANGE TANK instead of a RANGE PURE? Well think of it this way- 93 range is 6 levels off of the highest level you can possibly achieve. If somebody has a range pure with melee stats that is the same combat as you with 1 defense- their 99 range is hitting on your 70 defense, when your 93 range is hitting on their 1 defense- i'd rather have the advantage by being 92 levels higher than their defense than them being only 29 levels higher than mine! It actually gives you a better shot at surviving. This account is fully capable to dominate in pvp, though if you beefed it up with vengeance, it could pwn even more! How will this trade work? *I do not object to a EVER *You always have the option of going first *I will go first to higher trusted members than me IF I deem you worthy *I do not expect much for this account- in the $30-40 range *I accept paypal only, please DO NOT, I say, DO NOT risk an infraction if you come offering things other than paypal! *VOUCHES ARE IN MY SIGNATURE, IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK* Here are the pics: Bank + Stats pic: 11.5m in cash + items, the zuriels top shown is NOT degraded. Login pic: YES THERE ARE RECOVERIES AND EMAIL- THIS IS SOMETHING WE WILL DEAL WITH WHEN I FIND A SERIOUS BUYER- DO NOT BE IMPATIENT. And the offenses [none]: Hopefully somebody will want to buy my range tank- I may even go cheaper depending on the circumstances! Offer away!Selling Level 76 with 1 defence 99 range 95 magic and more *PAYPAL ONLY*Im done playing this game so im selling my level 76 with 99 range 95 magic 85 str 85 hp This account is currently ranged based needs 4more str levels to be melee based (Read Entire Post) THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION IM SELLING THIS ACCOUNT FOR $110.00 Do not post if you dont want to buy or you will be reported as spam Contact- [email protected] *has full zammy book, dt done, mm done,regicide done, rolving eyes done, addy gloves and accumulator* *No recoveries* *No email set* *in the last picture those are the items that come with the account*Selling an Amazing Staker/Boxer! Includes 80 Days membership! [RSGP/Swaps]I am Selling this amazing staker/boxer! This is an actual staker/boxer, not failed ones with prayer, summoning and unnecessary trained skills- that numerous people are selling. Auto-Win: 50M or RS Pure with 11 prayer, 1 defence, DT completed, high magic and moderate strength/range OMM/Highly trusted MM will be used if you do not want to go first. My E-mail address is: [email protected] Post here with your offer BEFORE adding me or PM me. Otherwise I will deny your request. The picture has everything you need to know.
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