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    Selling BEAST AGS pure! 93 strength! 99 Hunter! - QUESTED- CHEAP-Hey everyone, im looking to sell my ags pure, im generally getting bored of rs, and cant find any drive to level this account. I'm looking for RSGP, USD (paypal only), or some really good swaps (Mains, or 1 def pures with 50 or lower attack in particular) Account comes with 2m gp, but, i can add up more (up to 100m) at a rate of 1m/$1.20 Account Currently DOES have an email, but will be quickly removed when a Buyer is found. also, as a ground rule, i will not go first, but, im MORE than willing to use an OMM at the buyers expense. Post 's here aswell as your offer on here A/W: 40m/$35 USDSelling 65+4 CB Hybridder**My username is blocked out, so no one tries to do anything bad. Vop_Chat is my tanker's name! I will let you add my pure if you are a serious buyer. ***WILL UPDATE THIS THREAD FAST Updates: - Just forgot that I could've typed on my pure as proof...I will post new screenies if anyone requests for me chatting on that account. Please request if you want that type of proof. - I will add you on if you post your ; if not we can use PM in RS/Swiftkit IRC Account stats (if you can't see pics): 60 attack 74 strength 78 Range 63 Consitution (SW PROD! Ftw) 52 Prayer (Costed like 3m) 83 Magic 1 Defence 25 Summoning Notable Non-CB Skills: 77 Fish, 74 Smith, 65 Mining, 73 Crafting, 52 Agility **Mith Gloves only. I DO NOT HAVE ADDIES. Only mith gloves. (Nicely quested, btw.) Pics: My Bank Pin is NOT set Recovery NOT set. Email IS set. Membership = 100 Days or so My Stats Quests from Adventure log GP ONLY SORRY! Minimum:20M GP Auto: Unsure for now **I do not have a paypal. Sorry. Reason of selling: Making a my F2P Staker P2P soon and I want it to be rich + I fail at bridding!Selling skiller with 92 combat [99 FISHING!!]up for bid my skiller acnt with a decent cb of 92 im taking any offers ill take rs gold, real cash, or possibly a trade. 2 BLACK MARKS, 1 FOR BOTTING(MINOR) and some bs website advertising but i left the appeal incase you need to appeal twice in the future. other then that its a clean acount and you will have no problems with it. PLEASE email me at [email protected] if you would like the acount or place an offer with the subject titled SYTHE RS ACOUNT thank you and have a nice day =D[rsgp][swaps] SELL AMAZING CB 114 GREAT STAKER!!Hello phish 4 food here i am selling a combat 114 for 25m rsgp or a good pure. my is [email protected] Uploaded with login page: Uploaded with items poor i know :/: Uploaded with levels: Uploaded with ImageShack.usmaxed ags int. pure 4 sell cheaphi, im selling my maxed int. pure i used up all my money pking and im selling it for runescape gold, not asking for much but its your offer if u think ima scam love you you. im legit just quiting my pure and need money for my maxed barrows pure heres my stats i also got rune gloves ancients all the quest done...good farming and mining also. post me a offer only accepting rs gold will use middle man and give you all the account details but there is no recoveries set for this account.Account Sale [rsgp]Hey, i'm here having an account sale. RSGP only please. My is [email protected] thanks. Offer on the accounts. Account 1: Iniate Pure, 91 strength, 89 fishing, 85 mage. Account 2: Barrows pure, 97 strength (200k from 98) 88 attack, 87 mage now. Account 3: Tank pure, 93 wc, 83 range, 60 defence.Selling a Range Pure { PayPal }Selling this lvl 73 range pure for $9 . I will not be accepting swaps, pins or rsgp, I will not be going first at any time, Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 if you are interested contact me at [email protected] here are the pics enjoy. Uploaded with[Paypal] Level 80+ 4-5 70+ stats[Paypal]selling another account here are the pics below has no recoveries as you can see great account to do something on bot, can make a main whatever. this account is not anywhere near a main, tanker, barrows pure. I will use any OMM at your request just pay the fee's.
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