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    Selling Pure With 60 Att 99 Str 99 Magic 99 Range 99 HP 1 Def 1 Prayer 1 SummoningHello,Im Selling My Pker Because I Need Some Cash On My Main.The Acc Dont Have Exacly 99 Hp But Got 1k Zeals That You Can Use Them And Get 99 HP.DT,MM,Lost City And RFD Up To Addy Gloves Are Done,No Email,Recs And Black Marks.I Will Go First To Trusted People Only And If You Are Not Trusted And Not Willing To Go First You Have To Find And Pay To An OMM,I Wont Give The Ingame Name Untill The Trade Is Done Because I Can Get Banned For RWT.If We Use OMM He Can Verify Everything That I Said. S/B - 50 Mil A/W - 70 Mil Stats - Appeals - Login - My Is - [email protected] Mauler Epic PureHello Guys Im Selling One Of My Pures That Is Rdy To Be Traded.Im Going First To Trusted Ppl Only.I Want Rsgp For My Main.I Will Give You The Email That Is Registered To The Acc.DO NOT ADD MY UNTILL YOU HAVE POSTED HERE. Start Bid - 40 Mil Rsgp Auto Win - 50 Mil Rsgp Stats - Login - Appeals - [email protected][RSGP/PP]Selling two 20 def puresOne is 22 def by accident, but that's too long of a title :p Account #1: Recoveries unset. I am the original owner, and also have membership info on the account. A/W not set Account #2: Recoveries unset once again. I am not the original owner, but have had the account in my possession for over two years. A/W not set I know I'm new here, but please don't try to scam me. I'm more than willing to let a mod try to test my recovery information before the trade. Both accounts are F2P and I'm willing to verify in game Post here if you're interestedSelling lvl:61 [Ruined pure][13 def]Selling lvl:61 [Ruined pure] Email + recs will be removed once buyer found PM me for my or just leave yours hereSelling Cb 66 : 60attk 85 str [RSGP]starter pure - zerker . Perfect d Claw rushr I'm not looking for much . take a look : [​IMG] [​IMG] thanks.Selling a lvl 66 pure! for RsGp (Gold Pieces).Sellign a lvl 66 pure with 95 mage desert treasure is done. selling because i dont play on it enough, always on my main or zerker. Starting price is 7m, 9m takes it. Im 100% legit just need the money dont want this account. Selling for very cheap compared to the other 94 mage and up accounts. Strength:67 Attack:62 Mage:95 Hit points:61 Range:61 Prayer:43 Comes with many ghostly robes, and a full guthix book. Display Name is IPuree Luckk Post on this and well work something out thanksSelling Amazing Staker/pker For Rsgp. (level 94)4 LETTER USERNAME. F2P. ATTACK - 70 STRENGTH - 99 DEFENCE -70 HITPOINTS - 88 ALL OTHER STATS 1 EXCEPT MINING. P.s Very poor bank as i Xfer'd its wealth to pure after the recent update. ~~~~PERFECT STAKER AFTER NEW UPDATE~~~~~~ ------I HAVE WON OVER 90M BOXING IN DUEL ARENA---------- ~~~ACCOUNT BEING SOLD BECAUSE OF A NEW PURE STAKER I HAVE~~~ SELLING FOR RSGP ONLY. PLACE YOUR OFFERS BELOW THIS THREAD. NO RECOVERY QUESTIONS SET. Price RSGP. PLACE YOUR OFFERS Rules: 1) Be patient, I have priorities outside of Sythe, I will answer questions ASAP 2) Don't post ridiculous offers 3) You will go first. 4) Ask any questions pertaining to the account itself or the sale of account 5) NO TRADES for other Rs accounts. Any questions Add my - [email protected] Or post underneath this thread. HAPPY BIDDINGBuy 1 def pure (PAYPAL) (australians)Hey guys, title says it all, im buying a 1 defence pure. Willing to paypal upto the value of the account. Just add my [email protected], or message me. Also, would be better if you lived in australia !
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