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    SELLING LVL 91! RANGE PURE!!!! RsgpSelling lvl 91 Here are stats. I am looking for rsgp Min 4m 15m auto win. Or a 2-3 month Rs pin Will go first if your trusted.. Vouch List. When trading make sure u request a pm from me. Email: [email protected] Only 60 quest points No good quest done. Only like monkey madness and that stupid love you not Dt or anything like dat. Sorry. But i hate questing.Selling zerker pure, 81 attack, 98 strength, 45 defence, 94 mage, 80 ranged for RS GPNOT ACCEPTING PAYPAL OR ACCOUNT SWAPS Fremmy trials - done DT - done MM - done Rune gloves - done Can be quested on for barrows gloves and still have 45 def. Other mentionable stats: 90 hp 97 combat 69 farming 91 woodcutting Leave your /email whatever if you're interested and we can discuss. Autowin - 35m Current bid - Looking for a quick deal, no bs. We're both happy.[RSGP][PAYPAL]Buying differnt types of pures from $1-$100[RSGP][PAYPAL]QUICK NOTE: I cannot buy straight away i need to trsnfer the money into my paypal, so be patient! Yeh so preferably looking for : Obby mauler G Mauler 60 atk pure 75 atk pure possibly zerker stats for g mauler: 82 mage - nescacery(dont post if under 80mage) 50 atk 1 def 1/13/31/43/52 pray stats for obby mauler 1-20atk highish strength 1/31 pray Stats for 60 atk pure 60atk (Obviously) 80+ mage preferred 70+range preferred 1/13/31/43/52 pray 75 atk pure: 70 / 75 atk highish str 80+ mage 70+range 1/13/31/43/52 pray It's Preferable if they have the pure quests done, like DT / MM / Mith/addy gloves BUT THEY DONT HAVE TO If you have a offer that you think is good, just post it even if it doesn't fit the reqs[SWAP]WTT a lvl 62 godsword pure for any other pure[SWAP]Hey everyone, Mrduckysr here with my lvl 62 godsword pure with 99 cooking. I am willing to go first ONLY to a trusted guru. Otherwise we will use an OMM and you will pay fees unless you are willing to go first. Im looking for a dds/d scim pure, skiller, pretty much any kind of pure thats good. Im not asking for some crazy pure with 3 99s but i dont want something like 60/70/1. Any skiller will work but it has to have at least 1 99. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - [email protected] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ pics to my account... i26.tinypic/slmt09.jpg i26.tinypic/21kic80.jpg i28.tinypic/2m2ywls.jpg Sorry for old pics, i tried to trade a couple months ago but no one wanted to trade, i still have same items and such but 68 str instead. I'll put up new pics in a sec. I also just found out that all my items and cash come to a total of like 44m so that makes my account even better I havent been on runescape in so long :/ By the way, you'll notice I don't have pics of quests. That is because he hasn't done many quests, but he has done death plateau, horror from the deep, tree gnome village, and the grand tree. HE HAS NOT DONE MM, DT, OR RFD. I have all info for the account and recovs ARE NOT set. Also he has 68 str now. its in green zone, so no offenses or anything. Its a clean account for the most part, i havent given anyone any info. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE POST ON MY THREAD BEFORE ADDING ME ON . Happy Bidding![Rsgp] Level 93 zerker pure [Rsgp]Selling my level 93 zerker pure with info A/W 30m but taking offers. Dont waste your time scamming, I am the original owner. Pictures Stats Bank Login page OffencesLEVEL 70 GREAT MAGE STARTER 80 mageTitle says it selling my level 70 about 40k off 81 mage and full double xp weekend left comes with all information 0 black marks not many quest done 28 days of members The range attack and strength dont contribute to its combat level Mostly looking for offers will A/W it at 15M for now.Selling Olmost maxed pure for 30M look inside.Info - No recoveries - No email - No bankpin - No black marks PicturesStaker shop - All wot you need for bills.Well i'm selling all my stakers, if intrested post here so we can work something out. No bankpins, No recoveries and No blackmarks on all of my accounts.
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