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    [SWAP] amazing rune pure 99 hunter [swap]I literally just added membership last night so 30 days as of today, it had 99 hunter, 85 magic, 77 range, 40 def, 60 attack. It's ready to go for puropuro. UPDATE: NOW SWAPPING FOR ANY 85+ thieving lvl 3 with 10+ memebers days! No other stats are required. About 500k of wealth on it. Recovs will be deleted as soon as i have a buyer. Uploaded with Uploaded with[PP/RSGP] Selling Level 97 STAKER, 86-80-90-86 1 PRAYER! [PP/RSGP]Selling this staker as I am quitting runescape, I took all the gold of it & I am now selling gold also. I will take Runescape GP/Paypal Gift/Western Union/Bank Transfer. We will use an Official or a very Trusted ONLY. If you are interested in the account please add my : [email protected] thanks. With this account basicly you cant do nothing but stake. Box/Whip is your best bet. Stake big win big, Stake small win small. Few pictures below of some of the winnings I have won on the account. Afew winning stakes: There has been alot more winning stakes, made over 250M+ on staking, just forget to screenshot alot of the time. But yeah I cleaned 'Meh Tequila'[PP or RSGP]selling level 90 cb good stats offer away Paypal or RSGP decent bank Good stats 90 Combat Offer away please have fun thankyou and btw im not a scam i just joined cause i wanted to sell and buy accounts Closed cause screwed up the tittleSelling 2 accountsMy pure first As you can see it does have 20 defence, it is 75 combat dt done, rune gloves done The email registration, i dont know how to remove, so if anyone is interested in buying with or without the email registration, your going to need to tell me how to remove them Now my range tanker/mini Main It has torso, it is 101 combat with summoning i believe, i was trying to remove the recoverys but i got temporarily blocked from trying, i will try again in a bit and the same problem with the email registration I am looking for RSGP A/w for pure is 70m wont consider anything below 50m A/w for ranger is 60m wont consider anything below 40m My email is [email protected] and also i wont go first unless you have 10+ vouchesLvl 79 80str 88mage. CHEAP[RSGP]Lvl 79 pking account with 88 magic, 71 range, 43 prayer, 80 str, 60 att, and 40 def. desert treasure has been completed. it also has a few members items at most 200k worth. Hey guys, im looking to sell this account for 5mil gp. as well as a 1 month runescape membership. looking for someone who is credible, and of course i will go first. I'm selling it cheap because all i really need is a membership and 5m. if you have more rep than me, im sure you will be able to make some money off of it. PLEASE NOTE: before you purchase this account i will supply my cell phone number in case you have any questions/problems. My account has never set recovery questions, Email or Bankpin. With the purchase of this account, you will be supplied the Username, Password, Creation Details, Location made, and old passwords.[RsGp] Selling lvl 63 with 99 woodcutting!!Hey! I'm gonna sell my account in lvl 63 with 99 woodcutting and 94 firemaking! I will sell it to the highest bid until sunday! Add my : [email protected][Swap][Rsgp] Starter Zerk and Rune TankI have two accounts up for sale today, my level 77 rune tank and my level 72 starter zerker. I will not accept PayPal, but I do accept rsgp and swaps (if I like the swap). Also if I'm not getting many offers, I may accept an upgrade for the zerker but not the rune tank. There are no set A/W with rsgp, so please offer if you're interested. Level 72 Berserker pure Level 77 Rune Tank Only been members once, the blocked stats are the low ones. (I didn't post a pictures of the log in page simply because it doesn't have members or messages and it DOES currently have recoveries and an e-mail on it which will be removed before I sell it. It serves no purpose to prove that it DOES have recoveries when I'm telling you that it does.) Any questions please post and/or PM me, thanks.Selling 84 CMB 99 STR, 88 Hunter.Im looking for rsgp offers, but will take paypal. We will be using a MM or you WILL be going first. Please post offers, we will start at 25mill rsgp, or $25. Thanks. I will set a auto-win later tonight. Ill be checking back every 10 - 20 mins. You can also contact me on at [email protected] Thanks for looking!
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