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    [rsgp] Sell lvl 82 zerker! [rsgp]looking for rsgp only. A/W NOW ONLY 3M. post offersSelling insane level 69 | 99 mining 30m+The dfs does not show up in the value because it has charges, so all together the account had around 35m. Recoveries will be removed. Looking for PayPal mainly MAYBE runescape GP not sure. Not going first so don't post scammers[Paypal][OMM Only]Lvl 60 Firecape 82mage/85 wc[Ready for DT]Hello, i'm selling one of IIproII'ss Accounts What you see is what you get. I have all the information for the account, I am the original Owner, Recoveries, Email, etc. Overall this account has maybe 20-25 mill, items and cash I will do any tests with an OMM if you require it. For the safety of this account I will not go first, but however I will use an OMM at your cost. Have no problems verifying ownership of this account with anyone in Game. Here are the pictures enjoy and happy bidding. Please do not I repeat do not PM me offers I will not reply I want all Offers shown on this thread for the safety of myself and you the buyer By posting on this thread you are obligated to buy, this therefor I will keep your offer in my hand and I have all the right to turn someone else's offer down without explanation. I don't really play anymore as you can see I have WoW up. My game of choice now Looking for actual offers Paypal Gift only. the woodcutting is 85 if you cant see it. all stats ready to do quests to, desert treasure, good d clawer also Vouches proving proof i'm legit my vouches Quote: Originally Posted by darklatron99 I vouch for IIproII i recieved the key for tune-up 2010 thank you so much user is legit! Quote: Originally Posted by velnius vouch for IIproII, bought some rsgp from me, great guy to do business with. Quote: Originally Posted by roys big vouch for IIproII sold 10 mill to IIproII.. we did the transfer together and had a nice chat lol.. a nice + legit + trusted guy Quote: Originally Posted by FireZ Vouch, MM'd his D Claw trade nice and smooth Quote: Originally Posted by rsdragon Vouch for IIproII, trade my claws and went smooth and quickly. Quote: Originally Posted by am0n Vouch to IIproII simplest trade in a while. Quote: Originally Posted by jevon001 vouch for IIproII, he sold 50m to me, and he went first, he is trusted enough, thanks Quote: Originally Posted by merlino vouch to IIproII sold me 45m we used omm!!! Quote: Originally Posted by Kushdaddy Big vouch for IIproII, bought 100M from him went first, don't even bother with increments this guy's legit Do I need to say more leave the offers!swaps! lvl 66 99 magic !swaps!antoher account here a level 66 with 99 magic for swaps, looking for a tanker, or a main. must have all info to trade with me. email and recovs are still on will be removed when i find a trader. I DO NOT GO FIRST. afew pics: Uploaded with A/W: 25M POST HERE OR ADD MY IN MY SIG VOUCHES ARE ALSO THERE!SELLING a 9 HP account + the longest name in Runescape for a 95+ mining accountHere's the link: (A 9 HP ACCOUNT)! The levels have gone up since this screen shot was taken, but it still has 9 HP, I am also adding another account: "WWWWWWWWWWWW" longest name in Runescape, level three no skills, etc. Only interested in 92+ Mining accounts, nothing like pay pal, Please just post if you want to offer a 95+ mining account, IDC what the other stats are just aslong as it has 95+ mining, i dont have or anything like that so just Pm me via sythe, Thanks for reading and i am not in a rush to sell/trade.[pp]selling Beast Pure! Dt Mm Done! 94 Mage 91 Range! [pp]EDIT: SOLD TO iFatalizeSelling level 69 staker | 99 miningThe dfs does not show up in the value because it has charges, so all together the account had around 35m. Recoveries will be removed. Looking for PayPal mainly MAYBE runescape GP not sure. Not going first so don't post scammersSelling TWO Berserkers!First off, I have NEVER botted on either account. I promise you that, I put all the time and work into both accounts but I simply do not want them anymore. I only want in game gold for my new account (mauler). I will not accept any junk, accounts or money. Just runescape gold. Here are some of the stats on both zerkers. (The names don't suck either) Zerker 1 - Attack 60 Str 79 Def 45 Fighter torso zerker gear And some misc items in bank Most of his defence was quested Zerker 2 - Attack 75 Str 80 Def 42 (All quested, most of RFD is done. So far, perfect) Mining 85 (not botted ) 70 cooking fighter torso Castle wars kills cape Good for pking. I cleaned most of the items out of their banks. Just tools/quest items left and some armor/weapons. Please leave your offer below, but please be serious and not cheap. Thanks
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