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    selling level 95 zerker with 99 str 75 attpics of my account hit me up with an offer aw25mil monkey madness is done along with, rune gloves from rfd, shilo village and other quests. message me on sythe if your interested and we can go from there.awesome account 4 salei got this account and i dont want is anymore my contact info is [email protected] looking for about $50.00 there no items or money on this acc only statsBuying a purebuying a pure with decent stats looking for 60-75 att 80+ str 1-20 def 80+ mage 80+ range with decent quests done (dt mm etc) will pay via paypal will do 50/50 or omm or you can go first upto you add me on facebook Liam O'Sullivan, or ill meet u in rs or add me on [email protected] please post on here first if ur going to sell me an account and ill log in selling BEAST maxed out ddser/dclawei am accepting rsgp or paypal money. i will use an omm or you first. if i deem your trustworthy i will however consider going first. account has not recovs or email. leave your offers below or pm me. then ill add you on .[RSGP] Selling lvl 66 pure 95 Str [RSGP]Stats: Recoves: Offenses: We'll be using a VMM/OMM. Split fees. If no MM, you go first. That simple. Starting Bid: 1m Current Bid: N/A AUTOWIN: HIGHEST BIDBuying low level pure with DT doneHey guys I am buying a low level pure with desert treasure done. You can add me on "[email protected]" or just leave post here[RSGP] - Fully MAXED - G MAUL PURE - [Trusted] - 1 Def - MUST SEE! ( 1 2)CURRENT HIGHEST OFFER: 120M RSGP Selling my pure account, I recently was cleaned out staking and now want to go back to my main and try and get some RSGP for my pure. I have full information on the account being that I created it. Also I never botted the account nor does it have any marks against it or mutes or bans etc.. Stats: 50 attack 99 Strength 99 Magic 99 Range 99 Minning 13 Prayer 1 Defence I WILL NOT GO FIRST OMM Your Fee's or Possibly 50/50 (Based on your Vouches + Trust) My : [email protected] Taking RSGP ONLY! No SWAPS No PAYPAL[PayPal]99 Mage, 91 strength, 90 range, 76 slayer, 44 prayer, AMAZING 1 DEF PURE ++++ ( 1 2)!PAYPAL ONLY! Although i will consider a swap for an account with 94+ mage, 1 prayer, 1 def, 1 summoning. Getting rid of my much loved pure. Ex-Member Final Ownage Elite. All of the popular 1 Defence quests complete. Excellent for Mage Boxing in Duel Arena. Adamant Gloves. Some Pictures: Gear ATM: Current Stats: Combat 76+5: Quests: Some Memories: Please start bidding. I will sell until i am satisfied with a price. I wont go first. You go first or we will do OMM at your expense. I will give you recovery details and you can do a recovery test yourself.
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