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    [PAYPAL] WTB Pure [PAYPAL} ( 1 2)Looking to buy a pure: Has to have 99 Str 60+ attack at minimum 1 def Higher Mage/Range Higher HP Paypal only. ThanksSelLiNg AweSoMe PuRe AnD MaiNs ReAd CHEAP [SWAPS][RSGP]First sorry about pictures.. I cant add pictures im on vacantion and internet cafe. So it doesnt work.. STATS (pure) 30 att 50 str 81 ranged 1 defence 44 pray. STATS (main) 85 attack 99 strength 91 ranged 93 hitpoints 52 pray 85 magic. i swap it for a pure with DT done.. it has void range melee , torso , f cape , bgs total 8m + : [email protected][RSGP] Selling lvl 61 Pure [Dt][MM]Selling level 61 pure, looking for RSGP or a range pure+rsgp. Account is all quested cept for RFD. No A/w, i'll sell when I feel I have a good price. I will not go first unless your mod/I think your trusted. If you think your more trusted than me and want me to go first gladly GO love you YOUR SELF:) Don't add my email unless you've posted on here. Good luck bidding!Kaylelove ScammerHe just scammed for 8.4m, said he was going to give me his account guess thats wut i get for going firstSelling Runescape Account Cb Level 96It's best stats are 76 attack, 83 strength, 75 defence, 79 hp, 63 mining, 78 fishing, 70 magic, 69 hunter, 70 fletching, 62 crafting, and 82 woodcutting. Taking payment in RSGP only. Post on here with offers, thanks!Selling Str pure [rsgp]Selling level 68 Strength pure Str - 80 Atk - 60 Def - 10 pray - 25 hp - 69 everything else is 1. please contact me at 210-268-3677 (text) or on ([email protected]) thanks![paypal]Selling pure With Firecape,90 ranged,86 magic,84 mining[paypal]Hello! I am selling this awesome pure! Account has got membership til 02 July. Log in works with username not with e-mail. If you have any more questions then post below or PM me! LOG IN: BANK&STATS: QP: BLACKMARKS:[rsgp] looking for 2 maxed ags pures [rsgp]as titles states looking for 99 str mage range 1 def 75 atk close to 99 hp 1 or 52 prayer must have all pure quests mith/addy gloves mm dt etc am paying up to 150-200M each dependant on stats vouches and bank/quests
Thread Status:
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