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    [RSGP] selling 99 mage pure! level 70 [RSGP]Hey guys, Wanting to sell my mage pure as i cant be bothered to play this account anymore and i want to focus on my main. ----- main stats: Attack - 70 Strength - 70 Constitution - 69 Defence - 1 (still 0 exp perfect Defence) Magic - 99 Ranged - 70 Summoning - 1 (Has charms in bank if Summoning is desired) ----- Looking for offers on RSGP please. can be done over paypal, cash (face to face). or in game trade with this account you will receive help with email address change passwords (all of them) first passwords ISP recovery questions + answers as well as any other information required ----- This is my account and i am the only person to every play on it. I am not willing to go first! due to my first attempt of being trusting on someone resulted in my account trying to be hacked, you go first or OMM (you pay fees) Please feel free to ask any questions, i am willing to have this account verified totally legit sale Thanks, Andy picturesselling level 84 pure with 91 dung! ( 1 2)closed[RSGP] Nice F2P G2h pure | Total 1100+Hello Sythe users Here is my g2h pure . It own much if you know how do PK . Stats . Bank items . Quest Points . Log In . I remove recc's and email if i have buyer . Account Price . * Start Price is 20m RSGP * Auto Win NOT SET[RSGP/PP]Selling Beast Pure|94 Mage|90 Range|Firecape|Imbued Rings|Addy Gloves ( 1 2)Hey guys, I'm selling my beast pure today because I need turmoil on my main, I am not taking ANY Swaps and I will not be going first, if you want to use a OMM you will be paying any fees. Pictures: I don't have a set price so offer away. [email protected] 80 combat pure with 89 str, 89 mage, 84 range!SOLD TO AWAKERANDOMNESS I'm looking to see what I can get from my old pure that I no longer use. It's a pretty versatile account that can be turned into just about anything, a tanker, a main, a turm zerk, w/e you choose! I am the ORIGINAL owner and can provide all details from creation date, transaction ID's and previous passwords Email will be changed upon purchase Account comes with Memberships until October 3! It has completed Monkey madness, Desert treasure, recipe for disaster (mith), horror from the deep (filled zammy book) and many more What you see, is what you get. Combat Lvl: 80 Login: Unholy Book: Stats: Terms of Trade: I will go first to members I find trustworthy! I realize that I am new and will take this into consideration. If I don't feel comfortable going first for whatever reason we can use an OMM at your expense NO SWAPS, I repeat NO SWAPS I will accept RSGP and Paypal (claim and cancel) Starting Bid- 20M AutoWin-35M Ask me about my staker :pTurmoil Pure | 30 Defence | 92 Herblore | 95 Prayer | Imbued Rings | 85+9 Cb |Hey Sythe!!! Im Selling My Turmoil Pure All The Information Is In My Picture Below! Thank You. Btw Rsgp unless I deem you trusted enough for Paypal. I will go first to trusted and if you want to use an MM to your expense. Thank You. Also Pm Me If Interested And Post On Thread With Offer! A/W: 250M RUNESCAPE GP | | $125.00 USD Paypal : [email protected] UPDATED RECOVERYS AND EMAILS OFF!!!:lvl 95 99str pure [$20 paypal] nice accounthey guys im here today to sell my lvl 95 99str pure only want $20 its nice account gots no recoverys at all and will change email upon transfer will only trade threw mmo, [email protected] maxed pure! [RSGP] 3 99's, Fully Quested!!Hey guys, recently got a rapier on my main so now i have no time for my pure. I'd much rather play my main account because there's so much more to do. For this reason, I'm selling my pure account for some RSGP. It current HAS a bank pin, this will be given. Recovery questions will be removed once sold so it's secure until then. The bank is only near 500k. ALL the pure quests are completed, MM, DT, Adamant Gloves. RSGP ONLY, Taking offers. Leave your below if you wish to talk more, i will send you a message on Sythe to confirm I'm the true owner. Or feel free to send me it via PM on here, or use that to talk. Thanks!
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