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    [RSGP] Runepure with 99 STR and 99 FISHING [RSGP]Willing to sell my runepure too. Offer me here, do not add my if you haven't posted on the thread with your offer and . I have no autowin set because I'm not in a rush to sell it, if I like your offer I will sell it. All old recovery information will be provided upon purchaseSelling/Trading Level 97 RS CharacterI want to sell or trade my Runescape account. The account has over 4m in gold plus he has a dragon hatchet and a couple other pricey items. Here is a list of his stats below. Attack-77 Strength-83 Defence-74 Range-74 Prayer-51 Magic-77 Runecrafting-25 Construction-50 Dungeoneering-1 Constitution/Hitpoints-81 Agility-45 Herblore-45 Thieving-54 Crafting-61 Fletching-71 Slayer-58 Hunter-66 Mining-64 Smithing-53 Fishing-73 Cooking-73 Firemaking-61 Woodcutting-70 Farming-39 Summoning-4 Thats everything, hes not maxed but has mostly all of his skills leveled a decent amount. Post your offers below. Thank you for looking and i hope to make a deal fast.selling great combat pure level 69i am selling my pure for 50 mil rsgp i will not go first and i will use a omm but you pay - javier.jimenez46 email- [email protected] - [email protected] s1226.photobucket/albums/...purelevels.pngnice pure for sale!so im selling my pure becouse i need some cash for my main account and i don't play anymore on my pure stats: bank is arround 30m + fire cape and all imbued rings ATM im taking my recovers and email down I ACCEPT ONLY RSGPbuying a skiller with at-least one 99 skilli am buying a skiller with at least one 99skill p2p or f2p i don't mind pm me if interested in selling me an account.[Paypal] Range pure, combat level 61.Delete this.. sorry D: 60 Defence 99 Strength 80 Attack Account.Recoverys will be reomoved once got a buyer Selling that account, can provide more pictures if needed, can meetin game. also has membership till the 23rd. reply to this or pm please Accepting Rsgp and Paypal, Paypal must be sent as a giftSelling 30 defence hand cannon pureif you'd like to buy pm me or give me your . cheers. also only accepting RSGP
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.