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    {Rsgp/Paypal} Selling level 87 + 5 Fully Quested Turmoil Pure 60 Att 88 Str 97 Mage 9 ( 1 2)Okay i'm selling this turmoil pure for Rsgp/Paypal, The account does have recovery's as they can't be deleted only changed, i will provide Info for account that i know, i'm not original owner but do know quite a bit about the account. We will use a without a doubt, Scammers don't try scam me i'm not some 11 year old who doesn't know nothing about account trading/selling. The account has around a 1m bank, The reason im selling this account is to fund my range tank for soulsplit and also some nice gear for it. I'd like around $60 Paypal or 100mM Rsgp Atleast! The account is still a member and has 118 qp, account has done important quests such as, temple at sennistein, desert treasure, monkey madness, rune gloves, slug menace. Add my to offer or post on here: [email protected] Autowin = $180/220m Minimum Offer = $40/60M Add my to offer [email protected] Add my to offer [email protected]♥[RSGP]♥ W0MB0C0MB0's Account Shop ♥[RSGP]♥ ( 1 2 3)__________________________________________________ __________ Skillers Account 1: Level 3 Skiller w/ 77 Mining A/W: 20m Current Bid: 0m __________________________________________________ __________ Mains Account 1: Level 81 w/ 99 Mage+99 Fletching A/W: None Current Bid: 80m __________________________________________________ __________ Stakers SOLD Account 1: Level 71 staker w/ 80 Attk+Str+Dung | Comes with mems A/W: 150m Current Bid: 0m __________________________________________________ __________ Pures Account 1: Level 42 starting pure A/W: 15m Current Bid: 0m __________________________________________________ __________ MORE ACCOUNTS COMING SOON [/font]Turmoil Pure {CHECK ME OUT}SELLING FOR 80M no less A/W NOW HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SELL FOREVER {PAYPAL IF TRUSTED} [/quote][RSGP] Selling 99 Combat Range tank - 99 Range - Has Rigour and VengeanceI don't have any pics at the moment, will update this later. Stats: 75 Attack 75 Strength 80 Defence 99 Range 74 Prayer ( For Rigour ) 94 Magic 85 Hp 77 Dungeoneering Has Lunars finished, along with Animal Mag. Has full Guthix book, and climbing boots quest. No blackmarks, and no recovery questions. POST OFFERS BELOW I will not go first, I'm fine with an MM as long as you pay the charges.Selling Account: LevelName: Classified until Serious offer. Please Mail me at [email protected] sorry i couldnt get a screen shot/: Ill be trying to get one up What i want: Itunes card: $10 Important stats: Strength:75 Attack:67 Defence:65 Constitution:71 Range: 50' ish Magic:68 Fishing: 66 Woodcutting: 74 Cash: 1000k(lol) F.O.G tokens: 400 Zeal: 144 Not a member anymoreBuying a PureI am looking to buy a pure. Preferably range, but others are okay as well. I can pay in RSGP or cash via PayPal. Please PM me with your accounts and your asking price.Selling A GREAT Level 98 Account![RSGP,Paypal,Swamp]I mean't to say SWAP not SWAMP lol Well i've grown tired of my main account that iv'e had for 7 years..It has a vet cape.It has some decent stats and you will see everything in pics Below. Combat level 98F2P/103 members Stats i worked hard on getting My Quests,finished quests like dt and monkey madness. Has alot of emotes if you like them The accounts status is clear Lastly my awesome vet cape =P I'm currently accepting offers of RSGP,Paypal,and Other accounts!Please private message me or leave an offer below![RSGP] Selling 60 Attack Turmoil ZerkerHey, i'm selling my zerker. Has 207 qp, b gloves etc. I'm willing to go first if trusted. 100M or $65 auto win but i'll see how high the bidding gets.
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