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    Level 70 low level zerker for SALE! only 35 defI am selling this 2 year old account that has been gathering dust over time. Pictures of the account stats, login, items and questing Account autowin: $8 Starting bid: $1 My conditions are that I will NOT go first to you unless you are a particularly trusted member. Last time i went first with one of these account trades i was scammed.Trading level 66 Skiller for 1 or 2 months mems.I just want to play mems today, I'm so bored. Keep the account, the stats are alright. 1-2 months mems depending on what you think it's worth.Selling Runescape Pure 99 Mageselling my runescape pure it has 99 mage and dragon claws - images Paypal onlySwapping old main for a pure. All types welcome.I am too lazy to make a whole new thread, so I will just link to my old one which, sadly, isn't getting hits: sythe/showthread.php?t=1138640 Any type of pure will be accepted. : [email protected] : sk8lad Thank you.Buying TankBuying any good tanks. Recovery test. add me on ihateniggerswhitepower|82 CB|20 Def|FULLY Quested|96 Str|99 Magic|72 Dung&More~~This Account Is FULLY Quested To 20 Defence,So It Can Get Turmoil At 28 Defence! Account Has 72 Dungeoneering With Arcane Stream Necklace,While It's For Sale Im Training Dungeoneering Up To 85..Then Price Will Also Go Up ToS: -Omm WILL Be Used,Unless You Deem Me Trusted Enough To Go First. -50/50 Is Also A Possibility,Depends.. -Before Telling Me To Add You On ,Post An Offer Here..Or I WONT Add You. -Account's E-mail is OFF,Recoveries Are OFF,Idk Why It Says That..Probably Glitched. AUTOWIN FOR THE ACCOUNT IS 120M [ACCEPTNG PAYPAL OFFERS IF YOU HAVE 50+ VOUCHES] ! ~~PICTURES~~ Thanks For Stopping By,Happy Biddding!F2p Rune pure 81 Range, 79 Strength 99 WC!I'm currently selling this account. No auto-wins yet, I won't go first. Either you are a trustworthy person or an OMM will be required at your own expense. Recovery/email information will be given to you along with past info. Post your offers below. Autowin-none. Pictures For Reference:FULLY MAXED TURMOIL PURE|84Dung|Ovls&More[RSGP] ( 1 2)I Have 2 More Similar Accounts So Feel Free To Post All Offers,Though That Doesnt Mean Im Willing To Let It Go Cheap..Not Even Considering Offers Below 100M. ToS: -Omm WILL Be Used,Unless You Deem Me Trusted Enough. -50/50 Is Also A Possibility. -Post An Offer Here Before Telling Me To Add You,Cause That Will NOT Happen. -Recoverys Are Off And E-mail Will Be Changed To Buyer's Upon Purchase. -I Have The Right To Decline Any Offers, If I Think Something Is Fishy! ~ABOUT THE ACCOUNT- It Is FULLY Quested,Has Rapier,Ring Of Vigour,Arcane Stream Necklace,Korasi's Sword,Slayer Helmet,Fire Cape,Classic Cape,Veteran Cape,Overload Potions. It's Also Elite Member In Pure Clan Called EOP. Starting Bid- 100M Autowin- 250M [ACCEPTING PAYPAL OFFERS IF YOU GOT 50+ VOUCHES]! Thanks For Your Time,Happy Bidding!
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