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    [RSGP][PayPal]99 str pure! good items + str cape [RSGP][PayPal] ( 1 2)Hello, this is King Pin745 of the Sythe forums and I am here today to sell you my initiate pure! Semi-Notable stats: 99 str! 70 atk! 20 def! 45 range! 43 Prayer! 62 Magic! This is a great account if you are planning on making a lot of gold pking, questing, doing some good old fashioned God Wars and much more! Picture!! By kingpin745 at 2011-08-22 By kingpin745 at 2011-08-22 By kingpin745 at 2011-08-22 This pic wouldn't upload right... its of a few of my items EDIT: new pic of gold. If you have any questions PM me or email me... post your offers of RSGP or USD EDIT: A/W is is now $30 USD!(CHEAP) Selling 98cb Main, 99 WC, 99 Thieving, 97 Mining, DT + Heroes done.I Will go first to trusted users, and of course use an OMM if requested! MY : [email protected] 98cb Main, 99 WC, 99 Thieving, 97 Mining, DT + Heroes done. AW 40M/$20 Talk to me on to barter =D92 Strength pure and skiller with 30m!! NEED to sell fast quitting rsLOOKING TO SELL THESE ACCOUNTS ASAP. Looking for paypal only!! i recently got back into runescape when i heard trading n pking was back, these accounts are from before jagex took trading away, and have original names to login. I Dont want to play anymore and i wish to sell these accounts. they are both originally my accounts and we will not have any problems trading, i ambuying new subs for my car n need some extra cash, so i will not go first unless you are more trusted than me. i am trying to do this as soon as possible so i wont be looking for that much. thanks Message my [email protected] with any questions. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with 64 COMBAT SKILLER! Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling level 73+7 5 Defence pure! Range Tank Staker - 94 rangeSold.[TRUSTED] Buying turmoil pure! [RSGP/WU]Hello Sythe! I will buy an account that has all of the quests done for turmoil but doesnt have the stats. I will buy any account with turmoil that has under 41 def. PM me or post offers here.☺♀PAYPAL♀☺Selling level 63 str/mage pure☺♀PAYPAL♀☺Highest bidder atm: " " with $0.00 Selling level 63 str/mage acc. Right now mage is 79 but the acc has alches for 94. Selling because I really have just lost interest in RS. Skills: Login: Bank: My is "[email protected]" I will go first to people more trusted than me. A/W is 10$ Paypal ONLY I'm original owner therefore i have and will be giving you ALL info.Selling level 98 Rune Pure with Chaotic MaulHey, i'm selling my rune pure with chaotic maul and arcane stream, it's wealth is about 3m. I didn't bother taking a picture of that because the 3m is in pots and runes. Looking for RSGP only. I will only go first to trusted members and I am 100% willing to use OMM at your cost. If your interested add me on so we can talk: [email protected]
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