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    [buying] 99str or 99 att accounthey guys I need a lvl 99 str or 99 att account. I dont need much except that. Ill pay from 10 to 20 mil for it depending on the account. Thanks![rsgp] nice zerker/rune purecombat 79. selling this zerker rune pure for rsgp. looking to sell it tonight. no email, pin, recovs, etc. hasnt been played on in years, created in about 2006. [email protected] . thanks!Selling lvl 73 1 def pure, 99 agility and thieving! MUST SEE!!!Im quitting rs and im selling my pure. Do not offer rsgp because i have no need for it. Please post offers below. My is [email protected] Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usNeed Pure Quicklpaying $300!!HEY I NEED A PURE JUST A.S.A.P !!! I WILL TAKE ANY PURES IN CB 65+ OR 80- WITH 1-5DEF. I WILL PAY $300 (USD) ME FOR MORE INFORMATION [email protected] Rs Pure $300 Me First Or Get MmHEY GUYS I HAVE 4 VOUCHES AND IM NEW T.B.H I ILL PAY $300 FOR A RS PURE ME [email protected] Rune Pure W/FIRECAPE+TORSO [RSGP]sdgsgGood barrows pure!Selling my barrows pure, make me a good offer and ill accept, i dont want this account anymore, is in sig. It has almost no bank, which is why i posted it, great money making stats though, sorc garden or w/e. 99+7 cb ANY PRICE GOES, i want this account gone, RSGP only please.Spending anywhere from 10M to 25M on a pureSpending anywhere from 10M to 25M on a pure depending on its stats, quests completed etc. WOULD PREFER accounts with the following: - Desert treasure completed - strictly 1 defence and summoning - RFD gloves (Mith/Addy) Only looking to trade with sythe users that have at least: - 5 vouches/been a member of the community for a year or more - If you do not meet this requirement you can still wish to trade with me, but take note of the fact that I will not go first and will also request a recovery test to be completed before I purchase the account
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