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    {rsgp}|{swap} selling almost maxed zerk! enjoy! ( 1 2)well guys the title just about says it all im taking rsgp and swaps but the acc has to be a legit one im not taking any mains. just post here your offers. it has fcape and all the quest needed for a zerker, veng. ect. ]Rsgp ( 60 - 80 M ) Buying Insane ZerkerBuyed a zerker from dougifresh for 80mSelling lvl 69 pure; 99 fmingGreat stats, i am the original owner. Never had recoverys, never had a registered email, Was a member by a SMS pin. A/W is 50$ paypal, i can negotiate. Add me on [email protected] if you want to talk Fully Quested Ini-Pure|80 dung,rapier|92str|94mage|RSGP|scammed..Selling a pure DT done, 1 def, 16 prayer.Selling my pure here with 99 herblore, 70 dungeoneering, etc. Cmb is 69+0. A/W is 160m w/o claws, 180/w. Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Blackmarks: Quests:Selling lvl 68 Hybrid Pure. Fully Quested MM RFD Zammy book etcHi guys selling my awsome hybrid pure. I made this account to have extremely high combat stats while staying as low combat as possible. So i decided to saty 1 prayer aswell. This is very usefull because pking in high riskness worlds you cannot portect item, but since i have 1 pray I can do that anyway so I always have an advantage over people around my level in High Risk Wilderness Worlds. It Owns there. Account has Completed all possible pure quest including Monkey Madness Horror from the Deep - Full Zammy Book RFD - up to addy gloves Lost city ...and so on Has all pure items such as D scim, dds, full zammy book, bear head, addy gloves, etc. I hope you can appreciate how hard it was to get some of these things with 1 prayer. Account has all the pking gear you need including many runes, pots, food, weapons armour, i put some in the inventory pic but there is much more in bank (Can show if interested) I am only accepting RSGP for my main atm. If you would like to buy please post your pice here aswell as your address. Mine is [email protected] incase you want to add me. Pics:BUYING RS ACC FOR $50 offers belowI have a 58m and i am looking to buy a good rs account??? no dung pures plz I will use omm and depending on the offer i might may pay fees[Ex-Mod] Selling Lvl 92 ZerkerSold to lemar.
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