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    ◀✩▶ Beastly 30 Defence Turmoil Pure Overloads|chaotics|firecape|zaniks ◀✩▶[size=18pt]Hey guys, selling my runescape account. I am selling these mainly because my brother and I (he is 2 years younger then me) are planning on making range tanks. So I am going to be needing the extra money. The account you see, will come with 2 months of membership. Add me on if you would like to talk about prices, if you don't have message me instead.[/size] [size=24pt]: [email protected][/size] [size=18pt]The turmoil pure also has an INSANELY RARE NAME that will go for 75m+[/size] Turmoil PureSo i'm selling my lvl 66 pure.Hey guys! i'm selling my account "No Onions K". Stats: Attack: 61 Strength:70 Combat:66 Range:78 Mage:19 Prayer:43 Constitution:69 Mining:80 Defence:5 post on thread or Pm "No Onions K" or, "PandaGardens" in game. thanks for your time.defence pure!!Looking for a defence pure Under 70 Combat!! preffreablly 90+ defence with mage or range!! will pay Rsgp or paypall or swapa count depending on your acountSelling 45 Def Zerker 94 Magic 95 Fishing Cheap 20m MemberHello there,today I wanna sell this 45 Def Zerker,you know me from other Pages DragonDyce,CoraDyce and others. Account are Member,no Reqoveries,email,got gloves,dt,mm Done,He Readdy for PK. Offer and leave your contacts or Just Hit me By PM! PRIVATE MESSAGE A/W 20M CONTACT ME VIA PM OR VIA - RSPFORYOU ACCOUNT A/W 15M NOW!Buying quested zerker or pureHey today i'm looking to buy a quested and good stats pure or zerker pure for rsgp, this account needs to have recipe for disaster completed and dungeoneering and good combat stats preferably melle and magic, looking for about 52 pray 80 + str and att and one defence for pure and 40 - 45 for zerker. I will go first to highly trusted members if not you will be paying mm funds. Cheers Ps If you need my messenger please pm me on scythe96 Combat TANK [8 99's!] [Full Void]Delete please.Selling Good DDS Staker!91 Minning![60 Atk,89 str, 87 hp]Login: Stats: Bank:Around 300k Blackmarks: Has none Post your offers, Looking for RSGP. I no longer play on this account, it is a great staker![rsgp Only 20m A/w]45 Defence,94magic,95fishing AccountPlease delete this thread!
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