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    Low Lvl AGS Pure | Addy Gloves | Guthix Book | Ava | ( 1 2)Sold to Raasstaa for 10M.[rsgp] Turmoil/veng! Zerker! [rsgp] ( 1 2)Hey everyone I have for your buying pleasure a turmoil zerker! I will not go first unless you have 20+ vouches, willing to use OMM/FOMM/ at buyers costs. is [email protected] PM BEFORE YOU ADD ME! I AM THE ORGINAL AND ONLY OWNER I WILL SUPPLY ALL INFO DURING TRADE. starting bid: 20m Auto win 70m Might consider trades looking for a 1 def pure 60 attack (quested) dt done addy glovesBuying account with korasiWill use a MM, post accounts below.Need a price checkacc is a starter main or a non quested zerker user is: Cooking Cape look up highscores and please tell me price .Selling pure with 2 chaotics [rsgp]Hello i'm selling my pure with 2 chaotics no quests done, combat 76. more info on the screenshot; for more info; [email protected][RSGP][81DUNG!] 93Cmb Zerk Rapier/firecape/torso/fighter hat - Good stats! [RSGP]CURRENT BID - Quote: Originally Posted by Bizzle UK Ill offer $15 PayPal = 30M RSGP. AUTOWIN - 65M! Selling this zerker account. It's got an email and recoveries atm. I'm taking the email off but I will tell you the recoveries. Or can simply delete if you please. It's got just under a month of members left. I'll provide all information I know and I'm the original account owner, so that's everything apart from personal details And questions? Just ask!Price check on my main range tankI will post pictures when I intent to sell it. However it has these main stats: 83 Range 70 Defence 75 Hp 44 Pray Has done dwarf cannon and quest for the hand cannon.Killer G Maul PureSelling this account due to me recently getting my main back after a ban, so need some GP to invest back onto it. This account is a great G mauler pure, owned an endless amount of people in wildy with it. E-Mail is a random email, so i have no access to it. Still has over 25 days of members left worth 10M on its own. A/W: 15M
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.