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    AMAZING ZeRKeR [Barrows' Gloves][Lunars][Ancients][Fire Cape][4x99's][100% Quested] ( 1 2)Taking RSGP and PayPal! ~Notables~ 60 Attack is VERY Flexible Can Veng & Barrage CAN GET TURMOIL WITHOUT GETTING 46 DEF! Has NOT been botted. Awesome Display name :p I am the original owner and can provide ALL information. ToS I won't go first unless you're an OMM/Mod I am Willing to use OMM split fee's! MY ONLY IS: [email protected] Level 80 Pk Pure PaypalSelling through Paypal, great PK pure offer me. my email is [email protected] Thanks Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with[Paypal][Cata Key] Selling level 77 1def pure - 95 str- 15m cashIT'S PLAIN AND SIMPLE IM SELLING THIS ACCOUNT FOR PAYPAL MONEY OR A WORLD OF WARCRAFT CATACLYSM KEY Pics: IS IN SIG[rsgp][members pins] starter zerker purewts my starter zerker pure 50 attack 79 str 45 def 70 hp 37 pray 56 range 50 magic has about a 100k bank has almost all f2p quests done no recoveries or email attatched.. have all acc info willing to use mm if you pay accepting members pins or rsgp[RSGP] 99 Range Pure 88 STR Unholy Book! [RSGP]Ok im selling this 99 pure owns in wild could be a possible Ags pker got full unholy book has a crystal bow to here are stats. [​IMG] [​IMG] [img ] [/img] No SWAPS! No MONEY! A/w : 20m SB: 10m I CAN NEGOTIATE Thenlindside [email protected] ---- Contact me here[Swaps/Rsgp/Paypal] |93 Str|94 Magic|71 Attack|MUST SEE!!!! [Swaps/Rsgp/Paypal]Awesome account, Owns at Pking, Swapping/Rsgp Or Paypal (post your offers here) Email: [email protected] ^^Contact me here^^ Or post your in the forum or private meassage me and i will add you ASAPselling level 93 w/ 94 range 60 defill show you in game. just new to this site... ill take 30mil for account have all details.level 89, 99 mage-86 range other good statsselling a level 89, it's a def tank price is 75m, i've got a vouch from an admin (SMR), and mod nick, this is one of the few legit accts you will find, it's only had 1 set of recoveries, you will get them apon payment, it is 75m, add my for user/more stats and all that.. ([email protected]) REPEAT. i will not go first, not going to risk a very good account to a scammer.
Thread Status:
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