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    ++BUNNY EARS++ Barrows Pure, Vet Cape.The account does have recovery questions which i will supply the answers. It also has a email, but i will transfer it to yours after purchase. If you feel the need to use an OMM that is fine, but you will need to pay the fees. I'm looking for RSGP for this account, serious offers only. Swaps from trusted members possible. Login: Uploaded with Bunny Ears/ Vet Cape: Uploaded with Stats: Uploaded with Post before adding my ! [email protected] 79 Initiate pure! DT+QuestedHello i am looking to sell my Initiate Pure for RSGP. Has DT Done, Full Zammy book. Also alot of quests, all main pure quests except for Monkey Madness Here are the stats: Uploaded with Login: Uploaded with Post offers here along with your A/W: 50m[RSGP] Perfect Claw Rusher! CHEAP! [RSGP]Ipkids here with this sweet rusher Selling my D-claw pure, he's pro... Blitz/Claw... Getting rid of him because I don't like claw rushing, and i'm starting my new pure. Info: great total 1.1k+, a lot of good stats, range is kind of low, but its not hard. I'll leave claws on the account so you have some money, 17m isn't much too me. RSGP ONLY, Will leave claws on account for you. add my : [email protected] Looking for 100m Has like 10m in supplies in bank aswellSellin 81cmb Rune Pure with 85 dungHello Sythe I'm selling this rune pure for rsgp My is :[email protected] I only except RSGP no swaps We can use an OMM at your expense.[RSGP] Sell my account lvlLVL 98 (forgot to add) 2m bank because got hacked 20+ days left! only accepting RSGP[RSGP] Zerker - 99 Magic - 95 Strength - Quested - More!Selling my zerker for rsgp. I might take swaps if the offer is good but i'm mainly looking for a range tank or 80+ dung account. Important Quests - Monkey Madness, Desert treasure, Fremmy trials, Lunar Diplomacy, Dragon Slayer, RFD (to addy), & alot more! AUTOWIN: 50M : [email protected] Stats Login Blackmarksselling level 70 with fighter torso! nice started rune purehey guys im selling my old account i use to play and i moved on skillers and pures. this account has recovs that i could take off, make some offers please Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usBuying Handcannon Purebuying a hand cannon pure no higher then cb 80 please post stats here
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