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    Beast level 64 Pure/skillerHey I'm selling my level 64 pure. I've lost interest in this account and I haven't really used it for about 2-3 months besides just going on and checking on it. I lost interest in it from accidentally getting 2 defense by doing the blood pact quest. I will provide the original password used to make it, date made, old recoveries, old membership info, and much more. The account currently has no recovories or email set. Please just post here or PM me for questions, info, etc. I will sell this account for RS GP ONLY, please just bid I don't have an A/W set.[ RSGP ] Fully Quested Pure | 75 Attack | 94 Mage | Perfect Pure [ RSGP ] ( 1 2)Selling perfect fully quested pure for RSGP i haven't been on it because i hate pures. So i thought why not sell it. Fully Quested Stats: Non Trade Items (quest): - "yoitscaleb" - "[email protected]" If I'm not on one i am on the other :pSICK F2P Pker! 40 Attack, 99 Strength, 70 Range, 1 Defence, 1 Prayer!Hey, I'm selling this beast f2p pker. It will kill everyone in f2p wild and it's beast at staking as well! I'm only looking for RSGP. Here are some pictures of the account. The account has recoveries set but we can do a recovery test with a VMM or I can provide all LEGIT information of the account. I cannot remove them due to Jagex's new Recovery System. It has members till June 3, 2011 and I also got the strength cape / hood on it. I will leave a Rune Scimitar, Monk Robes, a Glory Amulet and Combat Bracelet to start off for pking. The rest of the bank is just some arrows and some other junk. We will use a VMM for this trade as it is the safest option. Starting bid: 30M A/W: Not Set Add my if interested: [email protected]{PP} Selling Level 67 Range Pure {PP}. IN THE PAYMENT YOU WILL RECEIVE A NEWLY CREATED EMAIL THAT IS LINKED TO THE ACCOUNT! I WILL ONLY GO FIRST OR USE AN OMM (YOU PAY THE FEES!) I WILL ALSO DO A RECOVERY TEST IF NEEDED. MAY BE INTERESTED IN SWAPS! AUTOWIN: $30 CURRENT BID: None at this time. Selling this sick range pure. Has 4 days mems left! Reason im selling is, I dont like using this account anymore, and im looking to buy a bot for my range tank. You will be provided with all information! I am the original owner, and the recoveries and email set are mine! Bank: Animal Magnetism only really main quest completed.selling lvl 89 tank 90 range 246 zeals [Paypal/Rsgp]Hey, selling my med lvl tank project Selling with membership details for the past 3 months Creation date previous recoveries Email address A/W: 100$ paypal or 120m rsgp Add me on - [email protected] the account has DT done + veng, prayer is quested and 246 zeals stored up in sw pics:Selling SICK 1 Defence Pure With 86 Strength and 99 HuntingPayment I accept Paypal. I accept RSGP. The Trade I will go first if you're trusted. We can do 50/50 We can use a free but trusted mm.Selling 99 mining account! cheap! RSgp or paypalYea, i decided to start on a new f2p pure, im only taking rsgp, you go first, and we do in increments, there are no recoveries, no bank pin, there is a registered email, but i will change that to your email once the deal is started, the acc has mith gloves, not that high of combat stats, but i think the 99 mining makes up for it Goodluck, have fun, pm me on here starting bid is 10 mil, i also have another acc with 91 mining on it. im taking rsgp or paypal nowSelling level 84 mainfail wrong place x.x
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