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    Selling The Perfect Staker/PkerI am quitting because this game is to time consuming and im joining the military so I decided to sell my account. I am the only owner of this account. Ive made well over 2b staking with this account. With the stats on this account its pretty hard to lose a stake against someone even close to its level ddsing, soling, whipping, or rapier. Not only is this account a perfect staking account but it also straight up OWNS in the wild. Important quests I have finished are Lost City, Monkey Madness, Mountain Daughter (enough to get bearhead), Recipe for disaster (up to addy gloves), Tree Gnome village, Biohazzard. Has both chaotic rapier and chaotic longsword which are fully charged. Plus about 72k dung tokens left over. Addy gloves. Bearhead. Full zamorak book which is worth about 25m fully filled. Constitution cape. and Strength cape. You can also change the username whenever. Recovs are in the process of being deleted. No blackmarks never been banned. Of course because I'm going to be leaving im quitting so I am looking for real money only. WILL SELL NOW FOR $100 REAL CASH! well worth it guys trust me. BTW dont try to scam me because I will use OMM if needed thanks guys.79 CB 20 def. pure -- 95 strength -- 93 magic.Okay guys, I know that I'm new and all to this website. As in brand new, but that's only because I haven't wanted to sell an account until now. So, not much explaining needed here's some pics. xD. Oh yeah, it has 40m on it. Okay one thing though... It has recoveries and a registered email address. If someone could please tell me how to take the recoveries off or the registered email address off? I've already tried recovering the account so they would be gone. And if you don't know how to take them off then i could just tell you all of the information along with the account, like the recovery answers and the registered email password.. or just switching the email to your email or something. Please don't just comment and be like. "Wow you expect us to buy from you even though you only have 1 point and just joined?" Because I understand I'm new and all but truth be told I'm just trying to get money and i don't have time to love you around posting on random stuff on random threads. And i don't want any rsgp. Just paypal cash. Offer away my friends. Or post and tell me how to delete recoveries and i'll do that then post a screenshot of it. :) : [email protected] 86 staking pureHey guys. First of all, i wont be going first. I just want to get rid of this account and i've been scammed too many times. I'm selling this account because i've made enough money from it and i want to go back to pure pking. Its a very fun account. It has a vls and all the pvp armors. Amazing account for staking. It has dt done and 82 mage for ice blitz, so even magers cant touch it. Looking for around 100m for the acc since it has about 85 mil on it and it took about 2 months of hard work to get these stats. never botted and no black marks. no recovs or email[Trusted][Donator]Near maxed chaotic pure | 92+ dung | 3x99s | 1.2k total ( 1 2)hey sythe, cranke here selling an awesome chaotic pure. i created this pure about 8 months ago (yes i am the original owner) at beginning it was a corrupt pure (20 atk) but i transformed it into a chaotic pure it has 80 atk 96 str (200k-ish to 97) , 52 pray, 3 99s, 91 wc, 81 farm, 1.2k total, 92 dung (top 26k on dung highscore). as i am original owner, i have every information needed to recover the account and i will give them to the buyer. my 's is [email protected] / [email protected] its cb lvl is 86 atm, at 99 str itll be 87. edit: it is now 98 str, 170k to 99, nd 99 dung. Gold4RS gives me 85$ for this account. RSGP = 0.4$/M if you would prefer buying an awesome main account then please visit this link: sythe/showthread.php?p=9250690#post9250690 also if you would be interested in buying bot auth, i have a paid bot for every skills in rs except farming. i could make a bulk trade (sell all at once for cheaper) current offer: none A/W: none the reason why i sell my acc is that i lagged out in wild with rapier + maul + claws and died, lost all but maul and i am pissed off. i will not remove the bank so take in consideration the 11M wealth on it when offering. i do not want any bs offers and am only lookin to sell trustworthy people. i would prefer RSGP offers as i am not done with rs, just with that pure. offer away. here are the pics.[Selling] Pro F2P PURE! [Selling]Hey guys, I'm currently selling my pure I got bored of. So I've made a new account and working on that one instead. The account has set recoveries and email is also set. I will unset the email once a buyer is found and will provide recoveries. I am the ORIGINAL owner also. I will be accepting payments via LR(Liberty Reserve) or RSGP. A/W - NOT SET Stats: The bank will contain nothing of value when the account is purchased. Thank you, and good luck bidding.99 combat -80 att 99 str 99 magic 93 ranged 20 def turmoil [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hello, selling this account since I'm not using it anymore. Got all informations and will provide the buyer with them. either we use OMM or you go first as long as you're not more trusted than me. My : [email protected] Fill in this apply: : Going first/OMM?: Offer:99 Atk 99 Str 99 Rng 99 Mage / Chaotic Rapier / LOW COMBAT /Its Team_Arliss Selling this beautiful Account Any questions hit me up on Price Starting bid: $20 Autowin: $110 Can also accept rsgp. NO SWAPS! : [email protected] 1. will use a OMM so i will NOT be going 1st. 2. Account has a chaotic Rapier & 3.9M bank 3. Account has Members until august 12 4. Account has no recoverys, no email adress, & no bank pinRune Pure For Sale, Rsgp Or Gmaulers/obby Maulers To SwapHey, so recently ive been making a rune pure. But havent been into it that much =/ not my type of pure. so ill be looking at either 50att pures, obby maulers (at least 70strength) or any other pure that your willing to swap, ill look at all the offers in consideration. But ofc, gmaulers and obby maulers are my babies I WILL ALSO BE TAKING RSGP! ill remove recovrys once a buyer has been found as well as eeeemail. pics: Thanks and pm me for any questions! i will only do swaps/rsgp deals with legit members with a few vouches. Not looking to get scammed or scam anyone else, id just like another pking acc or cash. Elliot
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