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    Trading This Main For A Good Puresythe/showthread.php?t=1073799 HE ALSO HAVE RUBBER CHICKEN , BUNNY EAR'S WILL ALSO BE HAPPY TO MEET ON RUNESCAPE ADD MY EMAIL : [email protected] beast whip staker/ rune pure !hey my other thred i made about this account didn't get much attention so i got a few more pics. bank is about 15m give or take a lil. most sub quests done for recipe of disaster , really good money maker at duel arena, ill happily accept a decent g maul pure. or but im open to all offers thanks. inbox me on here or add me : [email protected][RSGP] Selling three BEAST accs | 2/3 w/ fcape | two mains, one zerk | LOOK! [RSGP]- I am the original owner of all three accounts. - I have removed all info from the accounts for your convenience and will provide all info necessary at purchase. - I will NOT go first unless there is a trusted OMM (you pay fees) - Do NOT offer Paypal or swaps. I am accepting Rsgp only as I am not quitting, just getting rid of some of my unused accounts. Account #1 (Combat: 77) Zerk - Completely quested, w/ fcape Account #2 (Combat: 88) Great starter main, rfd partially complete, DT done Account #3 (Combat: 98) Regular main w/ fcape, good for staking FILL OUT THIS FORM Code: What account are you interested in? :[RSGP] Selling beast Lv75 (99 str, 99 range) [RSGP]I am selling this account for strictly just RSGP, i am no longer doing paypal becuz i cancelled my paypal account. I have no intention going first so if you think your going to convince me to go first then dont bother contacting me, its either you go first, 50/50, or we get a omm. : [email protected][Selling] Level 62 Rapier Staking Pure, 82 Dung, 80 Attack, Rapier, 20m+ Bank PP,RSGPHi, I'm currently selling one of my rapier pures. This account was done 100% legit. Account has no email or recoveries, and is a non-member. Has a RARE DISPLAY NAME. It is currently level 62; 1 prayer and summoning, mith gloves, also has 20-25m bank, & a RAPIER 100% CHARGED. This account has endless possibilities of becoming a great staker or pker. I am looking for Paypal or RSGP. Only serious offers, only considering above $50usd/50m+ I do not go first under any circumstances, unless HIGHLY TRUSTED. I am the only and original owner of the account, and all the information will be given to the buyer after I receive payment. Post your offer+ here and I will add you.[RSGP]Pure|Fire Cape|94 Mage|85Range/82Str[PP]Sup Sythe, im selling my 1 def pure for RSGP or PAYPAL A/W=50M or $45 My is : [email protected] I can meet you on the account for verification If you require an OMM, that is fine. but you will pay the fee. Pics or post here if interested.[Quested]92+7 Zerker[Rsgp][PP]Time to focus on my other projects so it's got to go,All my account sales are final,You can ask anyone who i have sold an account to if it is still in their possesion, Everything you should need to know is in the picture, Bid away. The account has a bank pin which will be left on so you can set your own without waiting. Account now has NO wealth. A/w $25 or 20m+ Omm Fees. Leave your and offer and i'll contact you.Selling good lvl 67 starter gs pureI'm selling my lvl 67 gs pure, hes pretty damn beast if i must say so myself lol
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