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    [Swap/RSGP]Selling Lvl 94/100 91Thieving Cheap!![Swap/RSGP]Hey im selling or swaping this account i dont have a rating here but he is a link to deals ive done on powerbot - cant post it atm has powerbot has some issues but my its name is Summon_R I will Remove everything if i find a seriouse buyer. i tell you the recoverys to it after sale. Contact me at [email protected] or here well here it is:sellin 99 mage 20 def 66 dung accountsellin my lvl 79 with 20 def 99 mage and 66 dung there is a email but ill change it to a email of your choice cuz cant delete any more so gay. i will not go first unless your trusted or we use mm or omm they pm me on sythe. stats no recovs just email. my is [email protected] rsgp only mayby swaps we will see[RSGP] 78 Combat. 95 STR ; 99 RANGE ; 99 MAGE [RSGP] [email protected] READ THIS - All of the accounts below that are being sold do not currently have gametime; unless otherwise stated. - None of the accounts have any blackmarks. - Please ask for a PM before doing any trades with me, as this is to eliminate any imposters. - All of the account's have never been banned, unless otherwise stated. - Upon purchasing the account, Creation Details, First Password and PIN details if I have them saved. - As of now, I only accept RSGP or WU as a form of payment. - I will not be going first, unless you have over 50 Vouches. We will be using an OMM by you're request. You'll be paying all the fees. - I know the E-Mail to all of the accounts, so they will be changed to your chosen E-Mail upon purchase due to the fact you cannot remove them with a recover request; with the only way to remove the E-Mail is by waiting 14 days. - You accept to my rules before purchasing the item from me; I will not give any refunds. Wants RSGP or WU.level 69, 1 deff, 1 pray, 1 summoning.price check/ thinking about selling my dds staker/pker. holds its own pking, dose great dds stakes. seeing how much i could get in rsgp for my zerker, no i dont have a paypal nor want irl, i know all the scams, n i been around sythe for a long time to know whats up, if your seriouse and arent gona waste mine and your time, offer or just let me know if u know around how much this staker is worth.[RSGP/PAYPAL] Zerker - 99 Magic - 95 Strength - Quested - Amazing Mage Boxer + More!Selling this zerker it has 46 defence which does not affect the combat level. The reason the attack is level 72 is because I was in the process of getting 75 for an AGS before I stopped. Important Quests - Monkey Madness, Desert treasure, Fremmy trials, Lunar Diplomacy, Dragon Slayer, & More! Please note I will only go first to people trusted with 30+ vouches. If you do not have 30 + feedback or more we will either use a VMM or you go first. I may be interested in a swap if the account is right but I am mainly looking for a Range Tank. AUTOWIN: 45M/35$ : [email protected] Stats Proof the account owns at Mage Boxing Login Blackmarksselling a lvl 97 ex-tankwas a tank got the attack and strength to high=/ selling it to fund my new pure bank stats quests to be completely honest i dont know how to take off recoverys or email. so i will do half first then let you go on take off recoverys and email then other half. i know its a hassle or if someone could just explain to me how to do. im not looking for alot 35-40m ill go lower if need be. if it is a trusted member i will go first and if a middle man is needed i will pay out of what ever your paying for the account because im new.BEASTLY Turmoil Pure. FULLY Quested - READY to pk!Details; I am the original owner I am happy to do a recovery test with a OMM Account is fully quested, you've got no quests to do - if you plan to stay pure. Upon purchase you receive: Old Passes Old Recoveries Current Recoveries IP address Postcode Last membership payment Anything else you request. (I originally posted this on Powerbot, but I'll post here incase others see it and offer better! - powerbot name = james keen) Looking for: RSGP. Fed up with selling something and then a week later it's been disputed. POST OFFERS BEFORE YOU ADD ME. NOT GOING FIRST TO ANYONE. : [email protected] 100 f2p veterans cape 99 wc plus 2 90+ stats plus other Hi im selling my main as i kind of gave up on playing on it and i wanted to make a new pure to pk with my friends! has 10m cash on it right now so either ill leave the 10m on and the price will be higher or ill take it are a little outdated to lazyyy to put new ones up.. HOW WE WILL SELL: I WILL NOT go first we will use a middle men or you will go first MENTIONABLE STATS: 99 woodcut with cape and hood 91 strength 92 fletching 77 attack 70 range 71 mage 84 hp 71 cooking 63 fishing ITEMS THAT WILL BE ON IT: 10M!! VETERANS CAPE! Fighters torso 2 sets guthix platel 1 guthix plate 1 zamorak skirt 7400 rune ess dragon skimmy 2 rune pickaxes 2 rune hatchets rune 2h has alot of the outfits from randome playerup full camo holiday items ect.... MAIN QUESTS: desert treasure heros horror from the deep all freminek quests done many more! account has 0 black marks and is NOT muted! ALSO account has no recovery questions set AND no registered email and is not a member also no bank pin! ready to sell today! also: levle 3 all levle 1 stats except 4 wc no recovs/email levle 45 quested 35 str 30 attack 35 hp 74 mage 66 minning no recovs or email 200k on it levle 73: 55attk 95str 99hunter 99wc plus other stats really nice account no recovs or email 5m on it levle 76: no really good stats but CAN get vetrans cape has scarfs RUBBER CHICKEN easter ring 400k on it no recovs or email • Location: ONLINE • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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