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    [Paypal] Selling MAXED 50 attack 13 pray 99 mining [Rsgp?] ( 1 2)delete this, making a new swap threadselling ranger 78 combat 87 range [PP][RSGP]selling this account we will use a MM purchased this account from gold4rs about a year ago so now for sale please post offers thanks[PAYPAL][SERVICE]2 Awesome ACCOUNTS[5+ Vouches][RSGP]Selling these two awesome accounts. I will accept pretty much anything I find the accounts are worth. The S/B is 10m for each account. The A/W is 25m for each account. You can get both for 35m. If you are not trusted you will go first. I agree to use a vmm or a omm(you pay for the fees). Account #1 SOLD Account #2 Current Bid: 10m Happy Bidding!Selling lvl 90I am selling a lvl 90 cmb account with these stats Uploaded with Bank has 3 Dragon defenders, 1 rune defender, staff of zammy, unholy book and ava's accumulator. im looking to get around 10m for this account but then again dreams never come true. just post an rsgp offer here and ill take a look add me on : nigoeseian I can go first if you have over 11 feedback. Otherwise it will be up to you to trust me. short simple and dirty. bring a condom[SELLING]level 65cb gmauler/hybrid[PAYPAL] ( 1 2)hello, today ill sell my pure account gmauler/hybrid lvl 65cb (hes not maxed yet) there some pictures of the account! ill remove all email registration and recovery when ill find seriously buyer if interested please post on this thread then add my after [email protected] im accepting only paypal payment! please dont post dumb offer... if you want use and OMM that to your own fees! im waiting your offer!! current bid: 60$ A/W: not set yetSelling a nice Initiate Pure! [PayPal/RSGP]YES, I SEE THERE IS AN EMAIL REGISTERED. THAT IS NOT A BIG DEAL I FORGOT. I CAN TAKE THAT OFF. I've sold some gold, but I have yet to sell an account. I wanted to take offers on the account and see what I could get for it. It has 93 QP, has your pure quests (MM, DT, etc.) done. It's 80 combat. (F2P) Post offers here, and I will decide the trade/contact you if I'm interested.{Swaps/PP/RSGP} Lv69 G0DLY B0XER!!! {Swaps/PP/RSGP}So im selling this account because i got bored and currently have to many accounts so my loss is your gain. Ive made millions with this acc and never i repeat NEVER lost a duel. The acc has a email login however its not a real email. A few member days left is just a + I Will only go first to TRUSTED MEMBERS. i well decide weather ur trusted or not. Otherwise u go first or MM. Heres the account. My is [email protected] Hit me up do not add my unless u post here first.[Rsgp/Dung/PP/WU]Selling 1 sick pure [75+6]Selling one of my sickest pure ive ever done. Recovery will be deleted in the next few days. All information will come with the account. Payment: Im taking Rsgp , Dungeon Services on my main , Paypal (only for Highly trusted users), WU, Pokerstars. I got over 200Qps + 500Song Unlocked. High stats ! Account isnt member anymore Post offer here AUTOWIN: 9-87dungeon on my main - 300M - 250Paypal - 200WU - 250 Pokerstars. Highest offer atm: 130M CARU TI or 130$ Pokerstars Kwikke
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