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    Selling Ownage Rapier Staker! 5Bil+ made with it! [91Strength]Information about the accounts: - No Recoveries - No Registered Email - No Bankpin - No Blackmarks - I will go first to trusted people here, accounts comes with recovery information.Selling PureIm selling my old pure that i dont play at all anymore, its done dt/mm etc Not Looking for much, Taking RsGp or PayPal, Pm me offers or post below~ Selling 69 Combat Lvl Pure ~ 1 Def/dt Done/mith Gloves/full Sara Book/Hi I recently made a zerker pure and am starting to level it, and I've stopped using my pure for a while now. Since I'm not going to use it anymore and I don't want to get stuck, im selling it. It has mith gloves, and every quest you need is done. Elemental Workshop, Ava's accumulator, dt, mith gloves, cannon, death plaetau etc.Also has full sara book, so you can get bandos book if u want. Taking [RSGP] and [PayPal] ( verified accounts only )66 cb starter pure [PP] 10$Add me on if interested! : [email protected] Or : Yellowitshunter Hai, i'm sellin an old account of mine. It's a level 66 account, it has 20 defence. Recoverys: Yes, But they are old and I don't know them. I am not going to scam you. Email set: No. It has: 30 Quest points. Main Quests done: Monkey madness Horror from the deep Animal mag and some other basic quests. Wealth: 751k. Heres bank: Heres stats: Login screen:[RSGP]Selling Zerker 95rng 90magePrice A/w = 45m Currently only accepting rsgp will not go first unless trusted will use mm or omm if you wish to pay for one If you have any questions please post here or message me on [email protected] Account information -Member until August 21st -Original Owner -No black marks -1m or so of items in bank -RFD up to rune gloves -Lunar, DT and MM completeSelling My old cb 93 RS accountSelling my old Runescape account which i don't use anymore since i have moved onto Fable 3 and world of warcraft. My bank is virtually empty after selling 140m gold. my stats Original owner of the account. Happy to use a MM at your cost. [email protected] Add to talk.CB level 98! Total Level over 1300! Over 44m in wealth!I am done playing this game and i just want to sell it real quick. The combat level is 98 I have over 44m in wealth (38m in gold) I have 81 quest points PICTURES: Contact me at [email protected] for Pure [Swaps]Ill go first to trusted members Email; [email protected] Leave your offer and below
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