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    Buying lvl 70-80 Pure (QUESTED)Looking for 60 Attack 80+str , 80+ range , 44+prayer , 94+mage Desert treasure COMPLETED! ADD me on ; Downieeee ; [email protected] Good Pure With Def Level 1 Through 20BUYING A GOOD PURE WITH A DEF LEVEL OF 1 TO 20 WOULD LIKE IT TO HAVE GOOD STATS OR DT COMPLETED I WILL OFFER ALL THREE OF THESE THINGS FOR AN ACCOUNT 1) 8M RSGP 2) A P2P LEVEL 3 SKILLER WITH 99 COOKING 81 WC AND 50 RC 3) YOU GET ALL 3 OF THOSE FOR A GOOD ACCOUNT. I AM GOING FIRST (AS LONG AS UR TRUSTED)Selling 60 Attack Pure - 1 Defence - 94 Magic - Firecape - Pure Quests CompletedAccount Sold To Passoin8x Swift Trade mage tankLooking for one around 95ish combat. Im willing to pay up to 35$ depending on the account.Selling 99 mage 1 def high range, decent nameTrying to sell this account, don't need a scam, I suck at pking and I want some money for my new skiller, this account is useless to me. Not going first. On purchase, you receive the actual login email address, guaranteeing you ultimate ownership of it, (as it is a new one account) and the recovs. A/W is 45m. The name is also fairly rare [​IMG][105+Vouches]Selling level 75 Pure! 70 Att, 99 Str, 99 Mage[RSGP]Selling my level 75 Pure. It's a great account, but I've lost interest in Runescape recently, and havn't played on it for about a month. I'm only taking RSGP, unless your EXTREMLY truted, then I'll accept PayPal. I won't go first, post offers, and I'll PM you. Thanks, Wub.
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