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    [Paypal] Selling Initaite Pure | rune Gloves | MM/DT/RFD Quests Done | Optional GPHi there, So I'm finally Quitting RS and moving onto my F2P Pker. Membership Costs too much and I don't think its worth it. This account is 100% mine and Not been botted at all. Quests it had completed: -RFD (Rune Gloves) -MM -Dt - All other pure quests I do have 50mGP which I am willing to add onto the account for $.70 per million. You can have any amount up to 50m. MUST BE IN 1 MILLIONS GP'S. Stats etc: There is no auto win. I will until I see a decent offer. MY ONLY IS : : [email protected] Pure! going up to 100M!Im looking for a pure with 99 Range 90-99 str 40+ Att 20 Def 94+mage Add me my Email is [email protected] legit lvl 76Well, it's mostly a skiller Here are the noticeable stats: 80 mining 99 fishing 87 cooking 99 firemaking 99 wc 96 mage(can do vengeance) last but not least, 99 agility. Did desert treasure, has ancients (hence 96 mage) I was looking to sell it for the 30-35m regionBuying a 90-99 str pureokay im buying a 99 str pure ill pay 25 buck but theres a wait time wait on the money you get the money within 5 days but ill pay 30 if you dont mine that wait so if you have any 90-99 strength pures let me know asap thanks aim me:lximpresivexl[Rsgp] Selling 4 letter username 6+ 99s [Donator]Current Offer: 0 Mil---->Range Staker Win => 30$ / 60m My - [email protected] Trading methods: 1. We use OMM/VMM if you pay fees 2. I will go first only if you are very trusted. 10-15 feeds/vouches do not make you trusted ! 3. Last thing is that you can go first.
Thread Status:
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