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    ** Selling D Clawer ( 83 str ) **Will only go first to trusted members! OFFER !? i will accept account swap for range pure or range tanksrsgp-selling llvl 69 pure-looking for around 10-20m -willing to work with trades. -im not a noob i do screen shot everyhitng .. dont try and scam me because it says im a new. -ask for or post.99 Atk Str Range N Mage!! Pker / StakerSELLING GREAT PKER / STAKER!! Starting bid: 18$ (PP) or 20m rsgp A/W: 198$ (PP) OR 200M RSGP Methods: #1. i will go 1st to highly trusted sythe members #2. we use OMM (split fees) #3. you 1st. Post here or add my : [email protected] 69 initiate 20 def/82 staker for sale.So im selling lvl 69 20 def pure And 82 lvl staker Looking for paypal $ PM ME on : [email protected] Amazing Ini PURE! Firecape&Runegloves l A/W 80M/75$Reason for Selling I have currently got aload of RSGP on my Lvl 3, and i need as much RSGP as i can get because i am making a fresh 1 def pure. With all the items Payment Methods I will only accept RSGP! or Paypal You first, or OMM will be used! You pay. Any spam on this thread e.g saying i scam etc. i will be reporting! I just want to get rid of this Ini pure for Gold. A/w: 80m // 75$ I added a month membership to this account around 7 days ago It will come with all legit info for appeal to get accepted. Recovs and Email It currently has recoverys set and a email. these both will be removed when i get a buyer. Stats and Quests 75 att, 97 str, 20 def (fully quested), 94 range, 44 pray, 94 mage, 89 HP Main Quests Complete; Monkey Madness Desert Treasure RFD (Rune Gloves) This account also has a Firecape! ThankyouAmazing staker and range tank!Hello, Selling this Accs ,becasue I have nearly maxed pure ,and I need alot of cash to training it! Accept: rsgp We do : 50/50 or you use MM and pay's vees. I will go first if have 30+ vouches : [email protected] 1. 2.[RSGP] Lvl 65 Initate pure,DT done 73magic CHEAP! [RSGP]oops sry i misstakly double posted delete this thread plsMoved: [PayPal] tank ranger ~20m bankAccepting PAYPAL as GIFT only. we will figure something out if we are going to be using an MM. im the maker of it, im the only person ever to log on it only1 to know details, which will be provided. ALSO i dont need no bullshit offers/swaps.
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