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    BEAST Level 85: 93 str, 80 atk, 10 defI'm selling my level 85 account. PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE. I will only trade with trusted accounts. Make me offers add me on [email protected] awesome handcannoneer!!!!Selling this awesome hand cannon pure, range is 76 now, combat 68 With void, range pot and eagle eye max hit is bit over 400, so with special 400-400 :pSelling Maxed Initiate Pure [PAYPAL/RSGP]A/W:$50/$60M RSGP Hi everyone i'm selling this account because i don't really use it anymore.There are no recoveries and email set.If you are interested in this account simply just talk to me on . : [email protected] I will go first to trusted members with 50+ vouches.If you are new, you can choose to go first or we can use an OMM/MM. Lobby/Login Screen Bank Stats BlackmarksBuying a beast 90-99pure paypalShow me what you got an how much an if I like the acc we can work something out[RSGP] Pure Account Sale | 10m Per Pure [RSGP]Account #1 Account #2 Account #3 Hey guys, selling all these accounts i dont play anymore Because im currently trying to buy a 1 deffence pure Post your + Offer A/w: 10m Per char Bid: N/ASpending up to $100 CDN on an accountI'm looking for an account with high range or high mage post some accounts and how much you want and i will pm you my . Or you coulda always pm me! Thanks!!Swapping main for mage stakerWhat i want on the mage staker 94+ mage 91+ herb arcane stream necklace 75 attack some starting cash 1 def dt done I am up for negotiations. Depending on stats i may want more or less cash. Here is the link for pics of the main you are swapping for: sythe/showthread.php?t=1095562 You will go first or we will use a mm. Only way i am going first if you are a mod/omm/very trusted person. Also if you just want to buy the main for rsgp that is fine too, i am fine with either option.Selling DEADLY!! Lv 69 Boxer!!!!!! HAS NOT LOST YET!!!!!!!!!!Selling my boxer he has not lost a match yet and has funded 2 pures for me i just dont have time for him anymore so im selling him.... no emails recovs or members acc has little wealth.. My is [email protected] Offer away
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.